The manuscript of survival – part 123

Mankind has come a long way from its humble origins it might seem, but it is in fact the opposite which is true. Let us explain. Although to some of you, this will come as somewhat old news, to others, it might help to clear up a few misconceptions along the way. As we were saying, mankind’s origins will seem humble if you go by the ”facts” amassed by your scientists, when they trace the line all the way back to the single cell bacteria they take to be the first living organism on your planet. From there, they have set up your family tree so to speak, and you can see how it branches off into different beings going by the most fanciful names, evolving from this simple little creature and into the complexity going by the name of a human being today. Along the way, they have found some very interesting leaps of evolution, but they have also come across some missing parts of this seemingly straight line back from the amoebas and up to the human being, homo sapiens, as they call it. We cannot argue with their findings, but let us just say that your family tree is a bit more complicated and well, far reaching, than the one you can see in your encyclopedias today.

That is not strange, as your humble origins seen by your scientists’ eyes are rather a misrepresentation of your family background. Yes, you have evolved step by step whilst living on this planet, but at the same time, you came in as citizens of a whole other creation, namely the very diversified one that is currently in situ all over the creation that we refer to. In other words, you are originally citizens of a much more complex and refined world, and you come from something vastly more complicated than that primordial soup that your current way of thinking takes as a fact. And that is not strange, as that is the only way that will look true to your well-appointed men and women with a scientific mind who likes to search though all of the evidence they can gather, both on your planet and in that part of creation they are able to detect. And that is the main clue here, as they can only detect the one level that you exist on. Therefore, what they see is only what they are meant to see, in other words, they are presented with facts that will serve to uphold their, or let us say mankind’s very limited version of the truth. We have discussed this many times earlier, as you as a species have been cut off from so much of what is going on around you on all sides. Therefore, your history books and your science books gives a very one dimensional picture of the history not only of mankind, but all of creation. But that will have to be revised now, as when you are finally getting to delve fully into All there is, you will see that your concept ”all of creation” will have to shift in so many ways. It will certainly become hugely more vast, as you will see that the totality of this creation certainly outweighs the puny little part you up until now have taken as ”all there is”, and for many, this will literally be too much to handle. In oher words, when the veil is finally pulled aside, everyone will see everything, whether they are ready for it or not, and that will cause many an unprepared soul to literally burn out.

You see, that is why you are so rigorously prepared for this, as it will in so many ways be such a huge overload to your system if you were to encounter it all in one fell swoop. You cannot take that, it will be the epitome of an overdose if there ever was one, and no human mind or no human body would be able to withstand the pressure from this heavy sensorial impact. So rest assured that even if you feel that this veil is not moving an inch at the moment, the reality is that it is getting thinner by the minute, and you have all been set into contact with what is hiding behind it. But you are being exposed to it in increments that you are able to handle, and for now, much of this will only be imprinted in your subconsciousness, hence the heavy burden of forgetfulness you all have to grapple with at the moment.

But that is not all. You will also have to face the fact that you are not the sovereign species you currently take so much in upholding, or rather, not you, but all of those other humans out there so proud to be at the top of that evolutionary ladder you have climbed throughout the centuries on this little planet of yours. Make no mistake, you have made many accomplishments while residing here, but they are nothing compared to the luminous being you once was before you literally came down to be here. In other words, the height of human development is very low compared to the evolution that has taken place in the rest of creation.

As we were saying, you as a species may have come very far from these humble origins pointed out by your scientists, but you as BEINGS have come a much longer way from your very illustrious beginning. You were in fact so much more complex than a human being could ever claim to be, no matter how long this evolutionary cycle would run if we left it all to its own accord. But that is no longer the case, as you have been deemed as unfit to continue in the same vein, and we have found it necessary to reconnect you with your real roots. So, although your scientists may search all they can to establish what happened before that seemingly coincidental happenstance that made those first simple organisms start to evolve out of that primordial soup, they will not find the answer they are looking for. Because, as we have been saying, they are looking in the wrong direction, and all they will find, are the traces left there from a blueprint set up to make you turn into a dead end of information. But now, the rest of us will literally switch the button and put the spotlight on everything that does exist all around you, and the veils will be lifted for everyone to see behind this heavy curtain of forgetfulness. What you see will be magnificent to many, but it will be too much for so many others, so count yourselves lucky to be amongst those ready and eager to finally set your eyes on what you just KNOW resides there.

For those still electing to stay in the dark as it were, it will not be a day of rejoicing, but a day of total and utter shock, and the outfall from it will be dramatic indeed. Remember, many have chosen to stay in this limited version of reality, and nothing that will kill off their vision of reality will be deemed as good news to them, and they will see everything they have taken for granted literally pulverized in front of their very eyes. So remember, you will rejoice, and rightly so, but for others, it will be a total and utter disaster, and they will have a hard time finding any reason to continue in an existence that has been ripped to pieces by forces beyond every imagination. Still, it is their decision, and their decision only. Just make sure to let go of any expectations as to what will come out of this, as you have no way of knowing yet just what a remarkable day it will be.

Again, not only the history books will have to be rewritten, the whole concept of being a human will have to be relinquished in order to take in the magnitude of the fact that you are so much more than what you have all previously taken yourselves to be. You will finally be able to step fully into yourselves as the true version of who you really are, but for many, they will only feel that they have lost everything. It will be a day to remember, but as we have talked about so much already, humanity has already been split into two very different timelines, and only those following the one going towards the light will see that day for what it truly is; Liberation day. For all others, the thought of ever being free will become more distant than ever. Do rejoice dear ones, as you are the ones who have chosen to go towards the light. And although that road is by no means an easy one, it will certainly become the road to redemption in every meaning of the word.

11 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 123

  1. All I can say is WOW! Thank you so very much, that resonates with me on so many multiple levels and coordinates. Love to you All.

  2. Aisha, you radiate great beauty, intelligence, and wisdom with your words. I am appreciative of your heartfelt response to my post. All that you say resonates with me, and is very much in alignment with my own perspective. I know there is a good reason why I have, on a higher level, chosen to be unaware of the details of my origins or my purpose here. Bits and pieces have come to me over the years, and this helps, but I keep coming back to the realization that I chose to have the full human experience, which meant the cloaking with the veil, and the slow unfolding of an inner knowing. This makes what I know so much more meaningful, powerful, and sweet, because it was not handed to me, it came through the step by step process of this hero’s journey that we are each engaged upon.

    Your story of singing in church is both touching and inspiring. It conveys perfectly, as only metaphor can, what we are each called to do: using our own unique voice we sing forth the good, the true, and the beautiful. Thus we transform the world, we create heaven on earth. We “transmute all limitation,” as a choir of voices once sang to me, over and over in my sleep.

    So yes, I would love to have the veil lifted for all in one fell swoop – wouldn’t that be wondrous! Or would it? I honestly don’t know. And we only see what we are ready to see. Our brethren from elsewhere in the Universe and beyond are already here, whether we see them or not. Disclosure has to come from within, no one can do this for us. We open our eyes first from within, in order to see the essential truth of our existence.

    I thank you for what you bring forth in your writing, whether it is through a channelled message or your own voice. It is all beautiful. And even when I don’t agree or perhaps (mayhaps!) see things a bit differently, I still take it all in with gratitude. The vibration of it all is pure and light filled.

    Namaste, Linda Lubin

  3. Thank you. Makes aloneness better-seeming. Your friends have been sharing so much of “what” and not so much of “when”. Again, thanks!

  4. I would love to believe that the veil is going to be lifted for all to see, however I am skeptical that this will happen suddenly. If it does, I will be on the front lines cheering loudly. After reading similar messages for years now, I am not sure this is the way it will unfold. At times, I am so very weary from waiting and wanting it to happen, and so I let go of this passionate desire and accept that I know what I know, and few others on this planet are willing or able to see clearly. There are many who are light filled, yet still cannot see, so I do not say this with any judgment.

    1. Hi Linda and others,

      The last few days I have lost my passion about wanting it to happen NOW and feel like it will happen when it happens and how it happens is how it will happen. Perhaps we did choose the hardest road as the ones who know things but have not yet had any contact from our families or any of our supposed talents appear. I had a dream the other night where I was a Native American girl sitting in front of a wise elder. I was trying to put together “things” to confirm that I was also a wise one or shaman or some other magnificent being but the elder kept shaking his head no. He said it is not for me and I will understand later. He told me that I had chose things to be this way for a very good reason. Then we were looking at ancient Native American drawings on rocks which also had cowboys or something other than just Native American people. The elder said, see they have always been here with us from the beginning. Not sure what that meant but apparently the elder shaking his head no was telling me it is not yet time for me to know.

      I used to sing in my family’s bluegrass gospel group but they are no longer together as my father and uncle are in their late 70’s. I did not sing these songs because I was “religious” I sang them because I love to sing and harmonize with these songs I had grown up with. The blending of our voices seemed magical to me.We each had a song that we sang solo and mine was “Wayfaring Stranger” (an old Appalachian song) which said I am just traveling through this woe-some world. I sang it with passion because that is how I really felt. When people started to respond to my singing ( I had never sung in a group before and had no formal training and really I was just OK) I started to think that there is something else going on here. I started to get the “knowing” that I was interjecting my vibration into these old, stringent words (energies) by singing with unconditional love, just for the pure joy of singing into an audience which was hard core born again Christians. This vibration went out into the audience and planted seeds for those who are ready to open up. A reader told me just that later. They would say how wonderful it is that I am doing a ministry of singing about God. I would just smile and say thank you knowing that indeed I was doing a service for all those who were ready.

      I guess what I am trying to say is that we can just find the joy in our everyday things and know that although they seem so ordinary to us, there is much work we are doing along the way. And maybe being in a state of acceptance even though we do not the higher plan as some other do, is just what the Earth needs at this time, the energies of those who are feeling lost but still have trust and faith in that plan. When you think about it, our strength is pretty awesome!!


      PS: One time when I was practicing at home I started to get a past life recall of me as a young girl in the Appalachians and my name was Annie. I was frail, pale, poor barefoot and my dress and face were dirty. I sang so beautifully that the local folks and family called me Annie the song bird of the hills. I did not survive much beyond 12 yrs of age but this was another reason for my love of this music and in particular that song.

      1. Thank you Ellen! You bring so much light to a grey and cold day with your words! I am so grateful for all who choose to share their stories here, and I thank you all for the contribution of so much positive energy to this space.
        Love, Aisha

  5. Thank you, Aisha and Friends……May those of us reading these messages be part of the awakening for others by our awakening, J. Love, J.

  6. Many thanks Aisha for all of these. I have faith with all my heart that all who are incarnated on this planet will remember who they are and partake in the great joy of true being.

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