As mankind has travelled through the centuries, that dream of something else, something bigger, has always accompanied him. Wherever he went, the thought that there must be something else besides the stark reality he was facing each and every day came knocking, sometimes softly, sometimes much harder, but almost always the response was the same: do not go into these unchartered territories, best stay with what is known. But for some, these thoughts could not be completely banished, and so they rose to the surface, only to be manifested into a harsh doctrine that would only enslave them further into submission by those more intent than ever on holding on to their powers. For such has this dream, this calling from the deep recesses of the human heart in so many ways been corrupted into a new weapon to keep the spirit locked away under a deep layer of fear. The need for power has been the fuel behind all of this skewed thinking, and all of these doctrines are still visible today. Although much of these power plays lies almost obscured behind so much shining opulence and gilding, enough is apparent that it will turn the truest seekers away in disgust. For the words of the preachers, no matter what their chosen god is, cannot hide the corruption of their actions. And although millions of seekers have come with hope in their hearts to seek out solace under the wings of these clergymen, so many have only found more grief, hardship and torment, and have felt as if cast into a deep abyss of despair.

But now, the time for redemption has come, as this time, mankind has finally been able to see for themselves what this calling from above really entails. It is not a calling to give up their powers to someone more ”worthy” than themselves. No, it is a calling from their own greatness, calling to them from their own inner God, asking them to open up to the greatness that resides inside of them, and to cast away the shackles put upon them from these outside forces. You are nothing but God yourselves dear ones, but you have been told for so long that you should kneel in humble submission in front of those calling themselves representatives of the one true God. They are nothing but false idols, set into place as a means of further abjecting the true spirit that resides inside each and every one of you. But now, that inner God is finally awakening, and the truth in these words have become more than apparent to so many of you.

The time has come to literally stand up on your own two feet and announce your own greatness sweet ones. Not as a means to stand above others, but as a means to stand at your real height. You are not mere humble humans, bent under the toil of a demanding outer world set up to keep people enslaved by their own thoughts of smallness. You are shining examples of the God-spark that is pulsing in each and every living being in every corner of this wonderful creation. Time to take back your powers, dear ones. Time to see your own divinity and to embrace it fully. You have not come here to remain small, you have come here to break every barrier set up to stop mankind from reclaiming these powers. You are a mighty force indeed, and you will not be stopped in doing your job as the ramrods you truly are. The force you all carry within is enough to shift the whole universe on its axis, and now you will start to discover just how powerful you can be. Not when you set your mind to it, but when you let your heart’s true voice speak to the wholeness that is you. You are magnificent sweet ones, so open your eyes and start to see what the heart has been trying to tell you for so long. We can see it, and we are crying in joy from beholding your magnificence. Soon you will all see this oh so clearly for yourselves, but until then, we will come by and hold that mirror up in front of you lest you miss out on your own greatness yet again.