The manuscript of survival – part 120

As we have touched upon earlier, mankind has a hard time seeing the things that they are not meant to see. In other words, the programming that has overwritten your original blueprint has taken away your abilities to live as full citizens of this magnificent creation, therefore your outlook will seem bleak at this moment in time. But fear not, dear ones, you are about to be included in the multitude that makes up this vast ocean of creatures and entities once again, and just as in the blink of an eye after opening your eyes from the pitch darkness of night and into a bright new dawn, you too will be able to stretch, yawn and finally marvel at the rich tapestry unfolding on all sides. It will be like going from an old and grainy black and white silent movie and stepping right into a high definition surround sound, widescreen depiction of reality. In other words, this is once again a little reminder not to give in and pack it up as you are so tantalizingly close to finally experiencing this multicolored, multilayered reality we are all revelling in at the moment.

We know we are harping on with the same message, but that is because we know it is much needed. At the moment, there are literally thousands of you out there struggling to make it through just one more day, or maybe just one more night, as even the nights are many times not a time for respite any longer either. But again, the very fact that you can count yourselves in many thousands will be of some solace to some of you, especially if you manage to connect firmly with some of these fellow travellers. Not to bring each other further down, but to help each other shift the focus from the heaviest loads and to the fact that you are in this together, and you will make it all the way to the end if you help each other to really connect to the underlying energy that is fuelling all of these ”ascension symptoms” to call them that. Remember, you are not being put through all of this just to make you feel all of the aches and pains both in your physical and emotional body. This is not meant as a punishment in any way, but we are aware that for some, it will certainly feel like it at times. And again, you have been well trained to think that anything that does not feel easy and ”symptom free” to call it that must be avoided at all costs, because it is probably not good for you. Well, in this case, let us just say that each and every twinge of physical discomfort that accompanies all of these energetic updates are telling you the exact opposite. Namely that you are being upgraded and purified to such a degree that there can be no doubt as to what the outcome of all of this will be. You are becoming as if new again, or rather as if old, as you are all being restored back to the brilliance you once was. And when this process is finished, you will also have been reconnected to the vastness that makes up All of creation, and you will be living that high definition, multicolored version of a life that you have hankered for for so long.

In other words, although the process in itself is more than exhausting, and the temptation to call it quits can come visiting more often than not, know that everything is indeed a sure sign of progress. And for every time you feel something gnawing inside of your physical body or in your mind, rest assured that there are good energies at work, energies that are putting you together again piece by piece to undo all of the dismantling of your powers that took place many lifetimes ago. It is like those diligent workers restoring an old rubble of stone back to its former glory, brick by brick, layer by layer, until it finally stands there in all of its glory for all to see. So too with you, and believe us when we say that even if it feels like the wrecking machines are doing their best to dismantle you completely, it is in fact only the labour from this restoring process you are feeling. In other words, you are not being torn apart, but we do understand that you are feeling as such, so we will not stop giving you these messages and hopefully clarify the process to you during the remainder of this work.

You are too valuable to be mistreated in any way. But as that is what you have been by the forces so intent on bringing and holding you down, this restoration work must be done in the proper way. Otherwise, you could be tempted to just collapse back into a heap of fear again. But never fear, as the work we do will effectively remove any hidden traps that could catch you unawares. The fear we refer to, is the one you yourselves might engender if you get the wrong idea of the work we are putting you trough. In other words, those that fall for the temptation to think that these growing pains are not worth the effort it takes for you to stand in them each and every day, and that even though you feel the hammering going on incessantly, you cannot yet see any difference. Let us just remind you that there are so many reasons why you cannot see the results from all of this yet, and that this is not proof that it is all a waste of time. No time is wasted, and no effort goes unrequited, and the foundation you are standing on now is so strong that nothing outside of you can tear it down again. It is only your mind who can do that, as you are the only ones capable of making your carefully reconstructed entity fall to pieces again. So do not fall for the temptation to topple yourselves dear ones. You are made of much sturdier material than you think, and although you look on the outside like the same flimsy and somewhat shaky building you once was, nothing could be further from the truth. You are as an impenetrable fortress by now, and the only impostor that can be a threat to you, is the one you harbour inside of your mind. So make sure to let the forces of your heart reign sovereign, thereby the insurgence from your mind cannot be of any threat. Not to you, nor to others.

15 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 120

  1. I feel the same way as everyone here, but I have to admit, I’m at my wit’s end.

    My main concern is our human family. We’ve been told that wonderful technologies, healing methods and advanced learning will become available for everyone.

    Okay. Great. But when?

    There are only eight months until December 21.

    It hurts me to think that the elite have had access to these technologies, methods and learning for many years, but humanity will get to benefit from them for less than a year.

    I understand that after Ascension everything will be different. I’m concerned about BEFORE Ascension.

    It’s a deep wish of mine that humanity gets to benefit from these things while we are still rooted in 3D life, BEFORE Ascension, like the elite have for a long time.

    Is that too much to wish for? Think about it. The elite got to play with this stuff for many years and now we only get a few months?

    Yes, I know, after Ascension everything will be magnificent, but what about seeing these miracles BEFORE Ascension?

    As time moves forward to December, my hurt just gets worse.

    So many people around our world are suffering and the relief is right here, right now.

    Why do we have to continue to wait?


  2. Gabriella…..feeling the same way, dear one….holding by a thread and holding all of our hands…..together we are strong. We are being loved and comforted by these messages together. Be with me today; I amw with all of you. Love, Jean

  3. Oh yes, dear Aisha, please give all my LOVE and hugs of gratitude to all those beautiful Angels of yours that are sending us messages. Oh yes, it helps more than ever, in this last of turmoils, and is so LOVELY reassuring,
    to hear that we ALL are struggling the same difficulties. Be you blessed.

  4. Thank you Aisia. I could not have gotten through today without this. It so helps to know I’m not alone and going berserk!

  5. jean, barb, aisha and everyone else, i too am glad i get to read you all’s comments. it’s so great that we are sharing and relating to each other’s experiences 🙂

  6. Thank you Aisha for the words of promise!!!! The past 2 days I have had such a sense of well being, like I just know that everything is going to work out. But I am very tired, not exhausted but a good tired feeling like I am going to snuggle into some huge, soft mattress and have the most peaceful sleep ever. I am ignoring the aches and pains and the only symptom that is bothersome today is my vision. It is not very clear sometimes. Perhaps they are working on my eyes which would be a wonderful thing!!!!

  7. Dear Aisha and Everyone Else, who has spent a few minutes to make a comment on this article. Everything feels and definitely a lot easier to know that we are all together, we are having the same “side effects” and we are going through the same thing. And the best of it, we are not afraid to shair these thoughts with each other. Thank you, Aisha, to channel these messages, as they come through clearly as the message should be delivered to us. Thanks again, wish you nothing but Love and Light. Barb

  8. Thank you Wilbur, Christie, Jessica and Aisha for letting me know I am not alone with the feeling of being turned inside out and upside down. I am so thankful for you. J.

  9. Thank you Aisha
    Sometimes when you in the symptom or when the symptom hits you like a wave you dont know remember its a transformational symptom you only feel the scrabbled emotions or the physical drain. So thank you for reminding us to hold on to keep being strong for ourselves and the multiverse. Many blessings

  10. im so appreciative aisha… even tho a few of the same things are talked about, i find such great support hearing them repeatedly. it has been so intense, i always say that, but i could not shut off my mind and really my entire energy field felt so active and so rapidly “flipping channels” yesterday all day. felt like i was on a strong stimulant or something, or that i was imagining things bc it’s been a long time since ive been this out of body and this uncomfortable! wilbur describes a similar thing, and i asked my angels during my mental frenzy last night- which they said i was purging mental debris… so i know i wasnt imagining it lol.

    also i read that mars and mercury just went direct, and im sure many other effects happening right now are making things so berserk-feeling. mars is the active, physical, passionate, willful aspect of us… so it turning direct after being retrograde for about 4 months maybe is making some of us feel a little crazy lol. i thought several times over the last few days that i feel like im being “turned online” again after a long period of dormancy of of some kind. whewwww so much is happening n i just need some rest!!

  11. Thank you for your beautiful words, Wilbur and Jean! It gives me great joy to do this work when I get these messages confirming that you and so many others are helped by the words that I channel. And it also helps me to know that you are all going through the same challenges I am facing every day. Love and blessings to you all!

  12. Thank you Alisha and Constant Companions for the blessings, love and support they give to me and to all of us thounsands to whom the words speak. I love you, J.

  13. Thank you Aisha and Constant Companions once more for all of your love and support, it is more than greatly appreciated. I have had bouts of anxiety the past several days for no obvious reason, no doubt a symptom of the clearing of past dross or the ongoing upgrade. Your support is of tremendous help by greatly easing the effects of what we are all going through right now. I look forward to your missives each and every day. Blessings to you All, with my Love and admiration.

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