The manuscript of survival – part 118

Once again we would like to take the opportunity to delve further into the magnificence that is you, as it is such a far cry form that fragile human being so many perceive themselves as. You might know already that you are indeed comprised of far sturdier stuff, indeed, you are but a twinkle on the canopy of heaven, but you are a twinkle, a glimmer, that will shine on forever.

Let us explain. For now, let us just forget the whole set up that you see in the mirror each and every day, namely the somewhat homely face and body of a being defined as a human, with all of the traits and all of the connotations this implies. Let us indeed concentrate on your essence, your spirit if you will, as that is something of such a mangitude it will literally make the whole lump, to call it that, of your human body seem like nothing but a mere speck of dust. And rightly so, for even if it is a construction of such complexity and marvel you can literally fill thousands of books on it, it is nothing compared to the magnificence that is the real you. For you are the cosmos, and the cosmos is you. You are literally the stardust that makes up all of creation, and you ARE all of creation. You are everything that exits, and you are so in the very core of your being. Nothing exists outside of you that does not exist inside, and vice versa. We know that this will make many a head spin, but sooner or later you will all come to the same conclusion, because deep down, you just KNOW. You know oh so fully well that you are all there is, no, not just that, you are ALL there is, and you are complete in each and every way, but as you have chosen to take residence inside such a frail and in many ways timid body and mind for this lesson, you have been obliged to let that knowledge go. Otherwise, you would not be able to learn the lessons you came here to find, and they were myriad indeed, but now the time has come for the completion of this cycle and the return to your true essence, your true magnifience. School is out, but that also means that a new class has started, this time the subject is indeed to re-member, not to learn anything new, so this time the curriculum will be well known, although somewhat obscure and difficult to grasp at first.

The training you have undergone whilst residing on this little planet has been rigorous indeed, and you have all delivered excellent results, but now the time has come to be reprogrammed once again to call it that, and bring you back to your roots. The roots run deep, but as they have been literally covered up with so much dirt, it takes a lot of digging on your behalf to reattach yourselves to these roots, but trust us when we say that you will be digging as fast as you can, for now you can feel the pull of the strength hidden deep beneath the surface you have been treading upon so blissfully unaware until now.

We will help you dig of course, or rather, we will help you to find the right place to dig, as your plot is not similar to your neighbours, so better not try to find your way by looking over your neighbour’s fence and see what he is up to. That will only lead you astray, as the treasure you seek is hidden somewhere only you can find it. We speak in metaphors of course, but we think you all know what we refer to, as you have already been well prepared to start your search and rescue operation by now. Again, what you are digging for is your freedom, and for some, they have already gotten their first tantalizing glimpse of what is hiding in the depths of their own backyard. For others, the process in itself will take a while longer, as they have mayhaps been occupied elsewhere, or have started to search in the far corner. But make no mistake, you will all find it, but not by brute force.

The treasure itself will give its location away to you easily, if you just silence the chatter from your mind and your ego, so the less you do, the better you will hear the signals homing you in on the target. It is like the signals emitted from someone buried under an avalanche. You can only pick it up and find the source if you tune in to the right channel. Remember to switch from sending out to receiving, as that is the only way to hear it. Again, we will repeat this, as so many of you are busy sending search parties out there into the ethers and beyond, when the only way to find that true signal is by sitting down and listen intently to what is happening inside. We will leave it at that today, because we think you are all eager to continue your search for that hidden treasure. Just remember to listen, and to listen well, and to ignore that ever present distractional noise being emitted from so many around you. They are only trying to divert your attention in any way they can, so it is up to you if you choose to follow the misleading trail they are setting up for you or not. Be careful sweet ones, it is indeed easy to get distracted in times like these, so keep your ears close to the ground, lest you miss out on that all-important signal from your own roots.

10 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 118

  1. Thank you Aisha!!! I always look forward to your channels as they resonate so much with me. I must have been working with time in my dreams last night. I dreamed there was an older couple and each of them had a grown child living with them (1 male & 1 female). Their house was fairly isolated like high on a mountain. The couple needed to go to town for something and both grown children decided to stay there. I was trying to tell the girl that she needs to go with her mother and step-father because I have seen this “movie” and he is going to kill you. I described how he would kill her and kept saying that I have seen this movie and she must leave but she did not believe me and stayed. She sealed her fate with that decision.

    I was having a bit of a struggle with the energy effects today at work and around 2pm I was really dragging, cloudy head and actually felt like I was coming down with something. I went to break and I saw a Coke can in my mind so I got a Cherry Coke out of the machine. Now a nutritionist would have had a melt down but it cleared up my head, the energy surges and I felt calm and centered again. I know in one of your channeling it said that we must follow our inner guidance even if it seems not to make sense as to what to eat and drink to help ourselves. Who would have thought a Cherry Coke would calm down the energy because it has caffeine and sugar which could have put me on a high but it was just the opposite. Remember a few weekends ago we were really hit with energies and our bodies were on a constant buzz my guides told me to drink coffee to calm down the energy.


    1. Thank you for sharing this, Ellen. Two great lessons here, I think. The first one about the frustrations we will meet (and many of us already have experienced) about the lack of response we will get from others even if we give them the information they need to make important decisions, even involving life and death like in your dreams. As The constant companions have said it so many times, we are to be wayshowers, not shepherds, but it is very difficult to sit back and watch as people choose to continue on a path that will only bring them pain. Especially now, when we are staring to access information that is hidden from so many around us

      And yes, the body speaks very clearly at times. I have noticed that around periods of very intense energy downloads, it will get a strong craving for sugar and high carbs. It is like it really, really needs an extra large amount of energy to process all of the new energy coming in. And just as suddenly, that craving disappears, and I am back to eating a very balanced diet. Strangely enough, I have started to drink much less water than I used to. I needed a lot of water at the early stages of this process, but now, I can go for a whole day drinking maybe only a glass of water. Instead, my body craves tea (green or black, no sugar), and sometimes not even that. If I try to drink water, it tastes weird and I feel very low in energy.(We have excellent water here in Norway, so that is not the problem. Bottled water gives the same effect.) So a nutritionist would probably have a hard time figuring out my diet too! And just as you said, we are guided to do things that are the complete opposite of what is considered to be “normal”. I think that is because we are forced to always be open to change, and not get stuck in old habits, no matter how much research and “good advice” we get from others. Our body knows best, even if we might think it’s acting a bit crazy at times. And to quote another channeler (from Crimson Circle I think): if the body wants chocolate cake for breakfast, then make sure to give it just that ;–)
      Love, Aisha

  2. Thank you dear Aisha with yet another wonderfully truthful channelled message which indeed resonates & has me replying ‘Absolutely’ !~ in a different sort of reply to you today, I’d like to add this reading that I received by Kryon shortly after your last post 117…as I found I was abit puzzled with some of the comments…Absolutely not saying anything against any of them as I truely Appreciate anyone that expresses a fever-pitch to the thrill of this new world awakening !!!…but the attached message came to me as not a coincidence, but to re-affirm All the spiritual guidance I have been given…this expresses & mirrors by core being….hope you don’t mind that I’ve added it to your site….
    Blessings to You & Admiration to All our Constant Companions !!!~

    Have you ever heard the expression that another person is too spiritual to be of any earthly good – they have their “head in the clouds” and there’s not a practical bone in their body? This is the kind of person who wishes to use all this spiritual information to escape.

    Does this make any sense to you? If won’t if you recall why you’re really here – and that is to build a bridge called peace on Earth. You’re here to hold the light, one that will shine in dark places that need to be illuminated so that free choice can be clearer for all.

    You’re here to be an example and to stand alone, quite often, on the most dangerous shores of the planet. That’s what ascension is. You don’t float away, you don’t “poof” in the night and become an ascended being that leaves the planet. It’s far grander than that!

    You actually “die to self” and have a rebirth of sorts with your name and your existing body, but with a brand new inter dimensional countenance. That’s ascension. And you walk from place to place with new spiritual tools. People see your light, and you don’t have to romanticize it, evangelize it, and you don’t have to give them any Kryon books. All you have to do is have a light that’s so bright they’ll fall in love with who you are. And, dear ones, it’s not that hard when you carry the love of God with you to that degree.
    ~ Kryon, as channelled by Lee Carroll

    1. Hello Bev, and thank you for sharing this. Let me just add this quote from part 108: “You are well aware that your purpose here is to ensure that you raise the level of vibration in yourselves in such a way that you can ascend to the next level of awareness together with your home, Planet Earth. But in order to fulfill this task, your biggest challenge is to do so whilst being inside that physical vehicle, your human body, and the reason for that is simple. Without this body, you cannot continue to be a living, breathing part of this world you call the earth, and she needs your presence here in so many ways you cannot even begin to comprehend. You are her trusted companions, and you have a sort of symbiotic relationship that together makes up a very special part of creation. You see, you are not the same without her, and she would not be the same without you, so your presence here in that physical body is indeed very important.”

      It is a struggle sometimes to “stay in the body” when this process is at its most intense, but now I can feel the joy from reconnecting with my inner self more and more, and the power I find there is the fuel I need to literally stay grounded in all of this. Also, having these experiences of the “other side” really helps me to find peace in this process and to realize that we are so much more than what is apparent in our daily lives. We are here to create heaven on Earth, and the way do so is to re-ignite our inner wisdom, and that flame will light up not only our lives but everything around us. So as The constant companions say, it is all about reconnecting with our roots, that way, we are more connected to this planet than without them.

      Love, Aisha

      1. Thanks Aisha…you’ve pretty much summed it up as to how I feel & ‘All’ that has been & is being channeled to me….just wanted to clarify that we each have choosen to be here in the physical plane for this reason…& that does require lots of inner work that is reflected & manifested externally…we will not go ‘poof’ in to the night on any winged chariot…as you said ‘we are here to create heaven on earth’ !!!…(not sure how much you know about Kryon, but I find his/her messages are most profound, in sync with how I think & very revealing to me) Have a wonderful evening my spirit-sister…!~

      2. (forgot to add) I was wondering if you were aware of All the recent earthquake activity & did you know that science has now confirmed that the Schuman Cavity Resonance or Earth’s heart beat has increased from the long time 7.8hz to now 12hz !…I have been feeling it, but now it’s thriling to know that science has confirmed it…we are indeed, along with the arrival of sacred universal source energies are making a difference !!! LOve & Light….Bev

        1. Wow – that’s very interesting! I have been thinking about all of these clusters of large earthquakes lately. None of them have been very damaging even if the magnitude have been as much as 8.2, but I cannot help but think that the enormous amount of energy they have released will trigger something else. As always, we never see the full picture here, especially now that Mother Nature has started on a process that will probably manifest in many unusual ways. As The constant companions said lately, the scientists will certainly see many unexpected results on their little screens in the next few months.
          Love, Aisha

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