The manuscript of survival – part 116

Tomorrow will seem like so far away, at least the tomorrow you have all been waiting for so fervently, as this much heralded day seems to be ever fading into a very distant future. We know this may seem like a rather tiresome subject for some of you, but we will be insistent on focusing on this for now, as the waiting time seems to be stretching on interminably. We know this subject is one that pops up in many a conversation at the moment, and that patience is indeed wearing more than thin in so many places, but please believe us when we say that the major part of this ordeal is indeed behind you. That will not be much of a consolation to all of those sitting in the midst of turmoil at the moment, but we will continue on in our mission to motivate you all to keep up the good work. You see, you are very, very close to that seemingly intangible goal, but as the last stretch in so many ways will be the most challenging one, the goal may seem to recede too far to be attainable. That is also the case here, as to many, the final stretch does include the final cleaning operation. And that final cleaning operation entails going deep, deeper than you ever would have thought to be possible, and what you find there, is the most profoundly hidden scars you carry. These scars have been hidden away for a very good reason, as they are the ones that have hurt you the most, but now they will be and must be cleansed and healed once and for all.

This will resonate with many, but others will shake their heads in disbelief, and rightly so, as this is indeed a path for individuals, not for the great masses, and you all have to pass through your very own history in order to get to the end of this. It may sound exhausting, and in many aspects it is, and therefore the whole process in itself cannot be likened to anything but toil of the hardest order. Therefore, the end goal will have faded away for so many, as that literally enlightened state of living seems more than far away at the moment. Just remember, all the things you are working so hard to jettison now are the ones that have held you back from this literally lighter state, therefore this process of clearing not only yourselves but also so much of your environment of cumbersome baggage is all important, but it is also apt to make you more than ready to throw in the towel at times.

Please believe us when we say the the end is indeed so near, and this speeding up and intensifying of it all is actually signalling this very clearly to you all. However, the physical and emotional fallout from this intensifying process will make many a brave soul falter in their steps, but we do implore you not to fall for the temptation to fall back again. You have completed almost the entire process by now, so do not give up when the finishing line is almost within sight. We are well aware that for many, nothing could seem to be further away, as things are indeed falling apart right, left and center at the moment, but again, that is indeed a sure sign of success. That may sound like a misrepresentation of the situation, and rightly so, as you have all been well trained to try to keep everything under control. But now you can not and will not have any control whatsoever as to what will happen around you, because everything and everyone will be swept up in these monumental changes that will literally wipe the slate clean in so many ways. Remember the rest of your compatriots are busy accruing more and more heavy baggage by the day, so they will fare much, much worse in this upcoming storm of purification, so although it certainly may not feel like it at the moment, you are all perfectly poised to weather any storm now as you have already managed to jettison the majority of your added weight. You are already sufficently lighter to be able to float successfully on the surface of whatever it is that will come in with the high tides, but for those still clinging on to the old, they will not be able to keep their heads above these frothing waters of change.

So count yourselves lucky that you decided to take on this challenge of that very, very thorough inventory of all that you have accumulated through the lives you have spent living on this little planet, as this careful inventory has enabled you to rid yourselves of that crippling entourage of emotional and physical baggage that would have ensured a final setback to all of your dreams. You have made yourselves able to reclaim that dream, and you are so close to starting to live that dream, even if your body and soul seems almost too exhausted to be able to do so. But again, soon the skies will clear and you will literally feel all of that heavy weight lifting off you for that final time, but in the meantime, make sure to look in the rear-view mirror, then mayhaps you might be a tad surprised to see the distance you have fought so hard to conquer. It is not a puny stretch dear ones, it is literally a giant leap of faith, and it has already brought you more than tantalizingly close to your final goal. So bear with us, and most of all, bear with yourselves, as you are about to take the last steps that will bring you safely ashore and into the brilliant lights of that much awaited tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 116

  1. im so happy for this wonderful and insightful message today! …it’s so right on for me about the deepest scars coming up for review. i felt like all of march was deep cleansing/ re-evaluating (especially of relationships, family) and it sort of set the stage for an even deeper cleansing of my core wound starting in april. it has been intense energies with few breaks; but at least it’s been FAST like your message has said. things will hit me or trigger me, then it’s over really quick. and im also noticing more internal stability even during the really bad energy events; which includes “knowing” good and well that the reality that has been hidden all along is actually here, existing and growing and that it’s all ok underneath appearances.

    an interesting thing that your message made me think is when you said that the scars have been hidden till now; it put a big realization together for me having to do with why ive been so inexplicably ungrounded my whole life (in general, from soul fragmentation from my core wound) and now that ive been clearing this on deeper levels lately, i am feeling more grounded then ever before. the words, “im back” and “im the baby-me now” (the me before my core wound)– keeping speaking themselves in my mind.

    i dont know how much more there is left to let go of, and can’t wait till it’s done. but i do see that it’s all happening in perfect “sequence” (quantum sequence that is, lol, which doesnt feel so reassuring at times lol)…. the difference lately though has been that it’s been easier to keep my energy separate from other energies and so there’s less depletion. i guess this couldn’t have happened before the recent deep-cleaning as was brought up in this message; as i was too ungrounded before for this sort of balance. and ive heard before that some starseeds were never fully grounded in the 3d version of reality and i definitely know that that was me. one last note is that i feel more fully me like never before, and finally i am more HERE, but it’s like a bright super-conscious ME who is grounded in my perspective even amongst the other varying levels of consciousness that are around. it’s different than what i pictured groundedness to be, bc i was comparing myself to others who are at different levels of consciousness (and im glad bc this is much more exciting). being around my family a lot who are not at the leading edge of the shift, it’s interesting how my perspective all of a sudden is so grounded around them, but there is no similar perspective to mine physically around me anywhere else. it comes from ME and that feels so powerful. and again, this is a totally different feeling that i really think has to do with the recent release of my core wounds that had been hidden. it just feels more n more like we are definitely moving up in ways that are so much more visible now. 🙂

    thanks again for your messages, they are a big help!

  2. Thank you Aisha!!! The Constant Companions…, are saying that our deepest scars are coming to the surface but I am not sure if mine are coming into my counsciouness. How was I hurt the most is the question which has been raised with this last message. Am I not getting something? I was watching National Geographic channel on Sunday and of course they had Biblical shows on since it was Easter. On the one show it was telling how back in those times the land of the village was divided between everyone equally and it was a communal ife. I must admit I am drawn to the life style of the Essenses where everyone had their jobs according to their “gifts” and interests. It was a spiritual, communal life as well where everything was shared. Some people liked to garden, some like to cook or teach the children. Some were healers and shamans but eveyone brought their talents to the community. I am so very tired of the rat race in this world. Everyone scrambling for their fair share or should I say so many are trying to out do the others. I actually thought to myself today that I am not having a good time here on Earth, things are still so messed up and I would like to leave. Felt like just walking away from everything. I guess that is what the Constant Companions are talking about. It does feel like I am dead in the water so to speak, no forward movement that I can see.


    1. Yes, the Essenes were living in harmony with Mother Earth, and Jesus was one of their community.
      Just be in JOY if you are cleansed & light & flying, it means this is exactly what you will teach the New children of the New Earth do.

  3. How did you know I felt as if I was at the end of my rope today? I guess the beautiful, benevolent Constant Companions know all don’t they? So today’s missive was a big lifeline to me and I am SO very gratefull. Thank you so very much my dear Aisha and Constant Companions. I want to go home so badly and I’m sorry my dear benevolents if I’ve been a “whiner” lately. I must patiently wait . My love to you all.

  4. Thank you Aisha and Constant Companions for this message which confirms and speaks to me about what I am experiencing within and without. My love, blessings and joy to each of us as we light the way for each other by sharing……..Peace and love, Jean

  5. Dear Aisha…another fabulous message & indeed may be your most powerful one yet ! so much packed into this one & gives ‘All’ of us much to ponder. I have been fortunate enough to have been spared alot of physical human drama as some of your followers, & so many around the world, but it is the thought process, learning & the letting go to pure belief of the yet unknown in the now physical realm that perplexes me. To let go without a shred of any doubt is a gigantic leap of faith that I still find eluding & I as many do not have within my realm, a sanctum for complete devotion to spiritual developement as the great spiritual masters, & so I continue to balance everyday reality with that I am learning & understanding bit by bit of spiritual wisdom. I as well have been having dreams, not to say that anyone’s dream is more important than the other, but mine have strangely enough evolved from the longing for these final days of enlightenment to unfold, to please slow it down some…I woke up last night saying out loud…’please give me alittle more time, I’m not ready’…..I’ve thought about it & the only thing that makes sense is this final confrontation of these last few emotionally personal dreadful issues that have haunted my being for so very long, that I do not relish confronting. I do look back & know how much, how long, how far I have travelled & gained so much knowledge & insight to arrive at this moment in time…the final steps to going back home will be some of the most difficult. What I do know is that I have always been a child of Mother-Nature, LOving every moment I spend within & around her creations & with her beLOved creatures…this has never been an issue of any unwavering doubt & I worship her divine laws & ALL that she is & ALL that she provides, as this is ‘Life’…the basic elements in which she allows us to exist. I so wish that humanity would be more enlightened at least to this crucial knowledge as they slowly destroy her & her beLOved creatures each day. I most certainly have moved beyond fear, & strive to completely trust that ALL is as it should be (as I’m constantly told). As time, of what we now know of it is quickly dissolving, I know the final steps are at hand & I pray that Great Spirit will continue to give me strength & ease any mistrusting doubts that keep me from taking these last steps home…!~ Thank you Aisha & Constant Companions for this powerful & truthful message !~

  6. Hi Aisha and All. A little aside here… I had a vision come to me last night of a Phoenix rising from I guess was ashes. Then I saw a bunch of other Phoenix rising. And they struck me as kind of angry and fierce with determination like a default in a game of win /lose. Then almost instantly came a Decision to Be gentle and loving. All the Phoenix had this higher awareness to choose Love over the old Fight. Love is what’s going to work.
    And everyone seemed to know it. I hope this is a
    portent of things to come. Best for All!

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