The manuscript of survival – part 115

Do not despair sweet ones, even if you think you do not see any of the oft mentioned changes you have been waiting for for so long. You see, you can in so many ways be blind to your own magnificence, and this in turn will make you lose faith in yourself. You think you do not make any progress, and that everything is as dense – or maybe even denser – as it has been for such a long time, and this way, you end up with a heavy heart indeed. Well, lighten up sweet ones, you cannot even begin to imagine the magnitude of change you have already accomplished.

Please understand us when we say that this is in no way meant as any criticism, we just want to help you see yourselves more clearly than the perhaps overly murky image you have of yourselves. Your mind can and will play many a trick on you, and it is not unheard of that it can manifest so much cobwebs that it literally hides away the brilliance of your soul, and this has turned away many a weary soul. It is hard to keep your focus on the brightness inside at times such as these, when the density of your surroundings keeps pressing you further and further into a corner. At least, that is exactly what this process feels like to so many of you. You are as if suspended between a rock and a hard place, and the grinding and grounding of all of these outside and inside forces can wear down many a brave soul. Just remember, this whole process, even if it makes you feel far, far older than your physical age is in so many ways, is indeed the same process that will turn a grain of sand into an ageless, bright and shiny pearl inside the seemingly unassuming outer layer of a humble mollusc.

In other words, this process in itself with all of its challenges both of the emotional and yes, very physical kind, can make many a brave heart flounder and go under. And that is only to be expected, as it is indeed very hard to see the reality of this process. You can in other words have a hard time seeing your own progress, because it becomes almost obscured by that everyday grind of constantly striving and fighting to keep your foothold on a road that could not be more rocky. It is almost like every step you take carries you further into a wilderness that makes the view even more restricted, and that is why we are here following your every step. Not in order to check your progress, because we cannot and will not do anything that will make you lose your momentum. No, we are here to be that constant reminder of your greatness, as it is only for the lucky few to be able to keep that focus amongst this ever denser jungle of tentacles clawing and scratching at you from every side trying their best to keep you back and hold you down. This constant fight in itself can be taxing enough, but you also have to cope with the weariness of a physical body that at times almost refuses to take just one more step.

To sum it up: You have all covered so much ground and risen in elevation these last few months, but due to the clouds and underbrush covering up your field of vision, you feel almost like you are lost in an impenetrable wilderness. Again, nothing could be further from the truth, but we do understand those falling under the spell of this thick layer of obscurity. Therefore, we will do our utmost to help you feel your way through this dense fog, because you are the ones propelling yourselves forward, and you are doing an excellent job of it, but the forces of counter resistance are doing their best to hide this fact from you. It does no good to open your eyes you feel, because then you only see even more of this dense underbrush crowding in. Well, close your eyes sweet ones, and FEEL into your surroundings. Then you can mayhaps discover the fact that the air has already cleared and the steepness of the hill has already started to give way to a much more easily travelled incline.

8 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 115

  1. Thnnk you Aisha, Ellen, Rhonda and Wilbur for letting me know I am not alone and we are holding hands knowing we have been brought together this way to do that. I am so very thankful you are here. love, Jean

  2. Thank you again Aisha, your encouraging words are much needed! I like Rhonda, feel very worn and old this weekend. It is not quite as much as 2 weekends ago but still very tiring as the physical effects of the energy are exhausting. I slept till 3:30 in the afternoon yesterday and I am trying to get my house ready to put on the market. Needless to say so far this weekend that has been a bust. I have to trust that all is in divine order and not go into fear of all I have to do, not to mention my sister is having a mastectomy Monday morning and I am working 10hr days. When I start to go into fear for any reason, I stop myself by saying, no, I am not going to do it. I refuse to live in fear for any reason. Sometimes I have to keep saying this to myself but it does bring me back into the moment and with each episode I feel stronger. I remind myself that we are needed by Mother Earth and I am safe. I know that she feels every step we take on her soil and she is reassured. Our vibration comforts her. In a channeling I made a commitment to Mother Earth to stay and here I am. She needs our light.

    A few years ago at a holistic fair I had a booth and was doing energy healing. There was an Asian man who was doing what he called Angel Healing. He would move, bend, twist and turn over the person on his table like they were light as a feather. People gathered around to watch him. I was drawn to have this done. Sometimes he gets an image in his mind and then draws it. He got one for me which meant that I am the back bone who will help to carry humanity from one dimension into another. This morning I feel the weight of that but I know I must have patience. I too, wonder how long this will take.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for sharing your struggles dear Ellen! Yes, we are needed here, but sometimes the shear amount of work we have to go through each and every day is almost beyond what we can manage, so it is so important that we do what we can to help each other to lighten the load. Keeping out of fear is not easy, especially when the challenges stack up like you are experiencing it now. You are indeed a brave soul and you are truly the back bone for so many, but hopefully you can feel the support from the rest of your “fellow vertebras” now that the pressure is mounting. Remember, you are not standing alone like Atlas carrying the world on his shoulder, you are surrounded by so many other strong and shining souls sharing the burden with you. I am so glad that we can reach out to each other like this, because it is so true what The constant companions keep reminding us: only together can we complete that final stretch.
      Love and light to you, brave sister!

  3. Thank you again for your words. You said “the road couldn’t be more rocky” ……there’s a road??? At this point I would settle for some small trail !! I’m just tired and will be so glad when this is over. Its kind of like being in labor, you don’t care how much its going to hurt just get this baby born. Don’t mean to complain, I really do appreciate your encouragement. I’m glad to have you through all of this.
    Much love

  4. I know I say this repeatedly but, thank you so very much Aisha and Constant Companions from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all your love and support. As I speak the latter to you, I also speak to benevolent beings throughout the multiverse and it’s infinite dimensions, for we are all One. Peace and love to you all.

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