Never fear for your sanity sweet ones, even if you might encounter some things along the way that will challenge you mightily in this upcoming period. You see, once you have decided to let the veils start to drop, much will come to the forefront of your mind that might seem to be less than appropriate by the so-called normal standard. Or to put it more bluntly, the things that will start to seep into your consciousness that have been hitherto hidden in the deep recesses of your mind will seem to be almost supernatural to you, therefore it might be perceived as the imaginings of a mind that is starting to lose the hold on normalcy. Well, let us just say that this is something to strive for indeed, as the norm that is deemed as normalcy in your old world is very limited indeed, and now, the time has come to lift the lid on what the rest of creation deem as normal.

You see, to us, the whole of creation is so varied and wonderful, but to you, it might seem to be almost too much, as you have come to see creation by the very limited eyes – and indeed mind- of a human, and therefore your recollection of this whole multitude of existence that you are surrounded by has gone away from you. Therefore, seeing and sensing it again after such a long absence it will be like you have never ever encountered anything like it before, therefore you will at times have a hard time accepting what is there in front of you. And when we say ”in front of you”, we mean it in every sense of the word, as you will be able to perceive things that will be literally invisible and untouchable to others, as now the full scope of your senses will finally be revealed to you. In other words, you will start to interact with seemingly insubstantial things, things that will seem to linger in your field of vision, within earshot or hovering inside of your mental awareness in some ways that seems to be very intangible, but still perceived as real.

This might lead to all sorts of confusion, for it will be like two worlds colliding, or almost bleeding into each other. The tangible one you have inhabited up until now, and the other, more etheral one that is starting to fade into view seemingly superimposed upon the other one. As we have stated so many times, finding your balance will be the biggest challenge ahead, so too in this. Because you will encounter so many instances where you literally feel yourselves straddling a gap between two very, very different worlds, and it will be a mighty challenge indeed not to lose your footing and fall into the chasm between these two worlds. But remember, that is indeed your role, as you are to be like the walker on a tightrope between two vantage points, and just like that tightrope walker, you must strive to keep your balance. And when we say balance in this instance, it is indeed the mental balance we refer to, as it is indeed vital that you do not lose it by way of going into fear. Fear is the one way out that you must avoid at any cost, as it will literally drive you over the edge. You must strive to keep your mental capacity at the best of its ability, because you must be able to discern the truth behind so many seemingly confusing signals your brain will start to send you now.

Remember, you have opened a door into a very multilayered world, and as you have been born and bred for such a long time in a single layered one, your brain and your heart will start to see different things whenever these new layers start to become more and more tangible in your life. Your hearts will know that all is well even if your brain will scream that something is very, very amiss amidst all of these confusing incoming signals that will start to appear in torrents of advancing light. Your senses will in many ways be bombared with so many to you unknown signals, and this will indeed set off the alarm bells within your mind. You see, your mind has been well trained to behave itself and to only ”read” the signals you are presented as being reality, and to ignore anything that comes from your own intelligence. In other words, to obey the ”orders” from the tangible world and mistrust any signals that seems to appear from the more intangible one.

To many, these very confusing signals from the hitherto invisible layers of existence that surrounds you on all sides will seem to be identical to those conjured up by a mentally incapacitated mind, and they will fear that they are literally going insane. We hasten to add that this is not unexpected, as your society has put a very short leash on what is deemed as ”normal” and what is not, and in the very near future, you will all have many instances where you encounter things that will be defined as abnormal and insane by those around you who have refused to open up to this multi layered life themselves. We advice you to not listen to the advice from these sceptics, as they will certainly ensure that you lose that balance we have implored you to find and upkeep, and as such it is once again imperative that you seek out the assurance  from those literally likeminded to you.

In other words, now the time has come to stay connected with others on the same journey, and never to lose this connection, as you will be more challenged than ever by those who deem themselves to be normal and lucid enough to say what is right and what is wrong. For deep inside of them all lurks the same truth that you are facing now, and as long as they dare not open up to it themselves, they will seek to eradicate that same truth from others. You see, they cannot stand the strength in those brave souls such as yours that have managed to pry open that door and look into the hidden depths of themselves, therefore they will resort to any means to try to take this newfound strength away from you. They will look upon your freedom from fear as a threat to their own way of  living, and as such they will say and do anything they can in order to instill that same fear into you again. So seek the counsel of brave souls such as yourself, for that is the only way to ensure that you stay on the road towards that final dawn.

Together you will all make it, alone, you will be easy prey for all of those fear mongers who have already gotten their first whiff of the scent of freedom that you all are starting to send out now. And they cannot abide that smell. It makes them feel that inner longing to experience it for themselves so much stronger, and their gut reaction is literally to ward it off in any way they can. So connect well, and connect strongly, and help each other to straddle that great divide. Think of yourselves as a long line of luminous beings linked together to form an impenetrable and unbreakable chain of light, swinging freely over this dark divide. Shine on sweet ones, and remember that nothing wrong will befall you even if you at times will be hard pressed to distinguish clearly between all of these multiple layers seemingly appearing at random in your mind. You will be like that novice sailor. After a few bouts of motion sickness and wobbly legs, both your stomach and your balance will be sturdy enough to navigate this undulating new sea you are about to cast off upon.