The manuscript of survival – part 113

We would like to take this opportunity to delve a little deeper into the mystery of your origins dear ones, as that is indeed a subject that will cause many controversies in these upcoming months. Indeed, it is something that will be on the top of the list of things that one would rather not discuss, as this has been a mark of an unstable mind all the way back to the origin of humanity. You see, this preposterous idea that you do in fact harken from a very different world altogether has been vocalized by a few brave souls throughout humanity’s history, but inevitably, this has been met with ridicule at best and persecution and death in the more severe instances. Mankind has been programmed well to keep strictly within the bounds that have been laid upon them, and one ironclad rule is the one that states that you must see yourself as the one solitary intelligent species occupying the whole of existence, and although you are to be considered as the pinnacle of evolution, at the same time you must not get any lofty ideas as to how powerful you as a single entity can be. In other words, you are both the best but also very limited when it comes to personal power, and this has been hammered into you from a very early beginning. Therefore, this idea of you being just a tiny fragment of an immense all-encompassing and all-knowing creation is one that has been tried to be kept well away from your minds, but now the realization that this is in fact the real truth has started to surface in so many of you, and it is only a matter of time before it starts to seep out into the world at large as well.

You know so well that voicing out any of these facts that you will be allowed access to yet again will take a lot of courage, as you know so fully well that this will be met by many a harsh and sceptical word by those around you. But never fear, when you do start to vocalize your truth, you will also find that it resonates with so many others out there, and this will probably be the most important discovery you all will make in this process. For you are not alone in rediscovering these facts within you, and when you start to let them out of the bag so to speak, others will find that your words literally open up the doors to rooms inside of them that have been hidden away in the darkness for far too long. And along with your words, the light will flood into these rooms, thereby causing more and more of your fellow humans to rediscover their own history as inhabitants of a universe that is far, far more versatile than the one you are being faced with every day on your streets.

It will be an interesting process for sure, and not without its fair share of unexpected twist and turns on your way. You will see old friends and maybe even family members turn their back on you, but you will also find yourselves embraced by someone you would never ever expect would resonate with your version of the truth. Remember, this is not an invitation to proselytising, we do not imply that you must go out and stand on that proverbial soapbox and preach the gospel according to you. That is not what we mean by opening up about what you all harbour inside. We do not want anyone to think that they should follow in the footsteps of so many misguided prophets out there who try to convert the rest of the masses into the ”one true faith”. This is about something else completely, as it first and furthermost entails opening up to your own truth, and presenting it as such.

In other words, what you find inside is unequal to what someone else will find inside of them, but the underlying facts are the same. You are all members of a very, very diverse creation that has given life to so many different worlds. Worlds that encompasses a variety of different lifeforms, and of which humanity is only but a small drop in that vast ocean of intelligence. In addition, humanity can no longer claim to be the pinnacle of this creation, as they have in so many ways shown not only to themselves but also to the rest of us the limits of their feasibility of creating a self sustaining way of living. But now, in order to rectify this misconception amongst humans, the truth about your lineage will start to become visible in more ways than one, and also from the most unexpected circles. Therefore, know that your role in this is indeed very important, as you will literally be a shining example to all of those still unable or unwilling to see beyond the borders created by their minds and by your oppressors. For you have started to see yourselves in all of your multilayered splendor, and once seen, it is never forgotten, and the truth of all of this will force itself out no matter how much you shrink from the thought today. When we say force, we do not in any way imply that we will unveil you all whether you are ready for it or not. No, what we mean by this is that even if your mind is unwilling to face that inner truth, or rather unable to do so just yet, your heart will be pushing your timid mind aside and it will do so in a manner that will be perfectly acceptable to you all. You will in other words start to embrace yourselves in all of the different manifestations of yourselves you will be able to connect with, and this will help you tap into that power you all carry inside that will eventually sweep away any and all of the objections your mind might try to conjure. This is in other words an unstoppable process, and it will have far reaching consequences, not only for you but also for the rest of creation. For as soon as you all take that final step into accepting and acknowledging the real, multilayered you, nothing can hold back the changes that will come through this awakening. Then, the dark fog will dissipate forever, and it can never again obscure your vision from seeing the beauty that surrounds you on all sides, even internally.

6 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 113

  1. I agree with Ellen that the messages are changing in their tone and import. We are clearly at the threshold of the coming changes. Thank you once again Aisha, for the time you give to this work. We are all benefitting. And to Ellen, if I may, thank you for sharing your experiences. It is hard to carry family members on this journey when they have not always ‘known’ in the way most readers of these messages have always known that how the world says things are, and how they actually are, is different. It is gradually becoming clearer what ‘we’ will be called on to do.

  2. Thank you once again Aisha and Constant Companions for another spot on missive. Love to you all.

  3. Thank you Aisha!

    I love that we are now getting into the nitty gritty things. The things that will at last set our free of any control outside of ourselves. And the best thing, to recover those connections with our soul/star families.

    Yes there have been those who were locked away because they voiced this truth and religion is one of the ways the masses are controlled. I will give you a personal example: My father is a born again Christian. When I told him that I had read that even the Pope and his personal astronomer think there could be life elsewhere in space and indeed would be created by God, he said if you believe that sort of thing. I asked him if he thinks that in all of the universes that we know of, does he think that we are the only intelligent life? He said yes, because it is not in the Bible. I was dumb founded and at a loss for words because my father is a very intelligent man and his religion had rendered him blind. I ended the very uncomfortable phone conversation but for days I was just knocked off center by the reality of the way the masses have been controlled. To this day when I think of it I am blown away and I just think wow, I guess there are not many people who know or feel this. It made me very, very careful of what I told my family. I know they would still love me if I voiced all that I have come to learn and remember but they would be very afraid for my very sanity and I have to admit there were times when I was as well.


    PS: I also have to mention that the astronomer said that he would love to meet aliens so he could convert them to Christianity. WOW, now that is an oxymoron. I bet other beings who had the ability to travel through space could hardly wait to be converted…lol

    1. Indeed, and prince Philip of England said, if there is life after death, he would like to come as a virus, to make us all die. No big difference.

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