A little lesson in abundance

Spring came early this year, and today I went down to take a look at my vegetable plot. It was covered with snow until recently, but the unusual high temperatures have melted away all but the most stubborn patches of snow. I was curious to see if the flower bulbs I had planted in the fall had started to grow, and they all had. But in addition, I saw to my amazement that there was literally new life in the brussel sprout plants I had left in the ground during the winter. We harvested the last sprouts in december, but because of the snow cover, a few sprouts had been left at the very bottom of the stalks, and now they had literally come back to life in the warm spring sun. They looked like beautiful green garlands of salad heads adorning the brown, otherwise lifeless stalks, and to me, it was a reminder of the abundance of life hidden away under a seemingly inert cover. Mother Earth is indeed generous with her gifts, and today I will have the pleasure of eating freshly picked vegetables for the first time this year. We will have many, many opportunities to give thanks for this abundance in the upcoming months, especially if we remember to look for it in some unusual places. It is not only nature that is a great giver of gifts, it can also come from the people you least expect it from. And remember, some times it is easier to give than to receive, so it might be a good idea to open up to the generosity from others as otherwise you might miss out on a beautiful gift.

New life in a surprising place - the brussel sprouts have literally started to sprout again.

4 thoughts on “A little lesson in abundance

  1. A lovely metaphor Aisha; mind you my daughter would not get excited about sprouts!
    Have you ever looked at the very last tale in the Grimms’ collected Fairy Tales? It’s a great story and also the shortest. It is a wonderful revelation of the mystery of Winter (in its literal and its spiritual meaning).

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