The manuscript of survival – part 111

First, let us take this opportunity to congratulate you all. It is easy to forget the magnitude of your achievements dear ones, as you so rightly get rather bogged down in all of the physical and mental challenges you encounter on this way. You see, we have a very clear view of it all from our side, and what we see is beautiful to behold indeed, as you have all managed to raise the light quotient on your little planet to incredible heights. We know all too well that to you, nothing seems to be further from the truth, as from your vantage point, things seems to be more dismal than ever.

Threats of many kinds abound, both those of an environmental character and those set into place by the greed of human minds, so you are being exposed to so much darkness whenever you look around you. That is, if you choose to look in the direction your governments, leaders and the mass media are pointing, as it is as always in their best interest to make sure that you do not get your spirits up in any way. Therefore, it is indeed imperative that you choose your areas of interest with care, only then will you be able to tear yourselves away from the dismal and drab surroundings painted out in all of its glory by these warmongers and fearmongers. You see, you are in fact living in a world that is shining brighter than ever before, but as we have touched upon earlier, you are surrounded by a thin layer of dark fog that will seem to be almost impenetrable. But if you take just a small step in the right direction, you too will find that your vision is clear, just like those heading for higher ground suddenly find themselves lifted above the fog. And just like them, you will be able to bask in the brightest sunlight while at the same time the rest of humanity who have chosen to remain in the dark continue to live out their lives in this soupy fog.

Again, this is a journey of free will, that is, you choose whether you want to stay mired in the fog or if you dare to take the steps that will set your mind and soul free from this entrapment. And even if those steps at times hurt more than you could have hoped for, either in your physical body or emotionally, we think you will all agree that it is indeed worth every painful moment when you finally get the chance to breathe the fresh air unpolluted by the angst and fear that is so all-pervading down in that lower altitude. We venture to guess that you have all had some sips of this clarifying atmosphere already, but then another bout of these seemingly never ending readjustments hits you with full force, and you once again forget to savour the clear view around you.

This is not meant as any criticism dear ones, only as a reminder that you have in fact more than managed to fulfill your contracts so far, and you have all made such a giant leap by starting on that uphill trek a long time ago. The uphill has seemed to be so long however, that you have mayhaps not noticed that the incline has stared to recede a bit, and even if it still feels very strenuous, you have in fact already attained sufficient altitude to let yourself slow down a bit and savour the view. It is important that you do so, for only by looking back on the impressive distance you have already covered can you better judge the formidable amount of terrain you have conquered.

We know fully well that for many of you, this process at times feels like nothing as much as a stomping of feet without any forward traction at all, and that is understandable. Therefore, we are here to point out to you that you have in so many ways surpassed all of our expectations, and none of you are even remotely like the person you were before you started on this trek. To you, it might look like the same person staring back at you from the mirror, but that is only because you are still seeing yourselves with your old and not very perceptive eyes. Try to reach deeper sweet ones, and you will indeed see that you have started to metamorphose into something so shiny and bright and beautifully strong it will literally outshine the old you still clinging to the surface.

You have already arrived in so many ways, but as you all know so well, that final pinnacle is still unclimbed, but never fear that it will be out of reach. It might seem to be hidden far, far above you in the clouds, but the truth is you can almost reach out and touch it already.

Again, do not forget to give yourselves all the credit you deserve for your own prowess so far. You have made it here, and this in itself is a guarantee that you already possess all of the courage and all of the strength you need to make it all the way. Just remember not to lose faith in yourselves, because that is the only thing that will make you tumble all the way down again. And you would not want all of your hard work to be in vain, sweet ones. You are here because you have taken yourselves here, literally on your own two feet. Now it is only the shortcomings of a too timid mind that can make you lose your footing on this lofty perch, so make sure that you plant your feet firmly in the ground to help yourselves feel the strength you have already gathered into your body. This will take you far, it will take you all the way to that elusive goal you still think is so far away. Well, let us just conclude that you have certainly completed more than the lion’s share of the distance already, and even if the last stretch cannot be described as just a walk in the park, we think you will find it more than enjoyable if you make sure to keep your eyes on the blue skies above instead of the churning fog below.

6 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 111

  1. Thank you Aisha for the inspiring message so needed today. You are so appreciated; these messages are so appreciated. Blessings and love to us all as we put one step in front of the other holding hands together. Love, J.

  2. I am grateful as ever for the time and integrity you give to this work Aisha. The word ‘Faith’ springs to mind. Faith is described as The Vision of the Soul; or, Aldous Huxley I believe suggested Faith provided eyes for the Soul. It is a much misunderstood concept in the religious context where it is equivalent to wishing very hard. Faith is not that, but a reaching out with calm certainty into the unknown and allowing it to become known.
    Thanks for all you do.

    1. “Faith provided eyes for the Soul” – what a wonderful quote! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this Murray, you bring extra insight into that all-important concept of faith. And thank you for your kind words too, they are much appreciated, and I am forever grateful to you and to all the others who take the time to give me feedback on the work I do. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to know that these words touch the hearts of so many.
      Love, Aisha

  3. Thank you for your inspiring words Wilbur! It’s so good to have you on our team to help to motivate us all for that final part of this race :–).
    Love, Aisha

  4. I ran a marathon once, it took me a little over four hours to complete it, but I didn’t stop. Near the end of the race, you cross the 26 mile marker and from there you can see the finish line, once I saw it ,I sprinted with everything that I had. I hope that we are nearing the 26 mile marker now and soon we will see the finish line, as of yet I cannot. So it’s one foot in front of the other until the end. We can do it. Get ready for the sprint.

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