The manuscript of survival – part 110

We would like to discuss the topic of self-sufficiency, but mayhaps not in the manner you would expect. We do not refer to it in the sense of gathering and providing yourselves with the means to feed and clothe yourselves, but in the sense of ascension. You see, there are so many out there who are searching and searching for someone to provide them with the means to find the clarity that will help them prevail in their quest for enlightenment, but alas, they search in vain, for it is not on the outside you will find the answers. Let us explain.

We have on so many occasions told you that you already possess all of the skills and all of the capabilities you will ever need to fulfill this quest, but they have been ”conveniently” forgotten, or to put it more bluntly, you have been made to forget them in order to reduce your strength considerably. You have been told again and again that you are not capable of self rule, and you have been given so many examples as to what would happen if you were left to find your own answers. They have told you in so many ways that the result would be mayhem and chaos, and the only way for man to survive is to relinquish his powers to those that have placed themselves above him in the powerplay that has been set up on your planet. In other words, the powers that rule have made you all feel less than capable of handling your own life, and there have been set so many rules and regulations in place that will control you literally from the minute you are born and to the time you leave this existence.

In addition to this ever growing list of dos as don’ts , humanity has taken upon itself to rein in those foolish enough to start going their own way, and no one can be more cruel than those self-appointed guardians of ”the right way to behave”. You have to keep to these strict limitations, otherwise you risk ostracism from your peers, and you will suffer the consequences of stepping outside the conventional borders as it were in so many ways. Therefore, the meeker the better, and those willing to comply with this narrow minded system is certainly rewarded in so many ways. Whereas people like you, who have taken upon themselves to separate yourself from this brainwashing scheme will be hard put to find any reward at all from your fellow humans. Therefore, the temptation to fall for the idea that your own sense of right and wrong is not trustworthy is very strong, hence the need to find someone or something out there to tell you what to do. You have been made so powerless by this system, therefore you have a hard time starting to believe in your own powers again after lifetimes of surrendering to this dictatorial system, but free yourselves is what you are here to do, therefore finding your own powers is vital. Otherwise, you will only fall back into the trap of giving it all away again to this system based upon fear and emasculating suppression.

Finding that hidden core of your own intelligence is not easy, as you have all been under the spell of that insistent voice of your ego who is well trained to tell you whenever you stray away from the designated path. In other words, you will all have a long and hard battle breaking through this wall of self-disempowerment coming from the inside, in addition to the one being forced upon you from the rest of society. But once you breach that wall, you will find the going gets easier, but then, you run into a new obstacle. You will find yourselves surrounded by all sorts of ”experts” in the field of self development, and they will give you no end of good advice in the form of an endless supply of books, seminars and sets of rules that must be followed in order for you to achieve that goal of enlightenment. Well, let us just say that there are a great number of people out there not only making a handsome profit from all of this. In addition, it serves to strengthen their own ego’s need to feel superior to others, and therefore this never ending cycle of subservience and elevated egos who strive to fulfill their own needs will continue.

Make no mistake, there are many good people out there helping others to find their own powers, either directly or indirectly, by their actions or by their words, but there are so many still under the misconception that they need someone else to tell them what is right for them, when all they need to do, is to sit down in silence and search for the truest answer inside. We do not say that you do not need any assistance to find that answer, and this assistance can come in so many ways. It can come in the form of a chance meeting, or in a book, or from talking to someone or attending a seminar, but remember one thing: you are never GIVEN the right answer, you are only being given the MEANS to find the answer, as the answer you are looking for is always, always clearly stated within your own heart.

You must never give away more of your already depleted powers by latching on to someone who tell you that they will supply you with the truth, as they will only be misguiding you. The only one you must listen to, is yourself. And you will be the judge when it comes to knowing what the right kind of keys are that will unlock the hidden treasure you all harbour inside. Discernment is the key element here, as it will tell you clearly what is right for you and what is not, and there is indeed a bewildering choir out there all claiming the right to preaching the only truth. So make sure that you stay self empowered by picking your way carefully through this field of self-proclaimed messiahs. You can only find the truth inside of yourself, and only you can know what steps to take and what kind of tools you need to attain that goal. Indeed, you are masters of your own success, and as such you have everything to gain by surrendering to your own powers, but only if you choose to listen well to the words that not only ring true but that you know deep in your heart is the truth for you. Only then will you be able to regain the use of all of your faculties yet again, and you will stand firmly on your own two feet, no matter what the rest of your world throws at you. Remember, this is in so many ways a solitary journey you undertake, but that does not mean you are without any outside assistance. Just make sure to pick the right kind of assistance, so you do not end up with a set up crutches instead.

5 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 110

  1. Thanks Aisha and Constant Companions. Let us all be spiritually self sufficiant by always seeking the guidance of our higher self through meditation. PEACE.

  2. Thanks, Aisha, for a very timely message. There are so many out there proclaiming to know “the only truth” and we have always been encouraged to rely on an outside source. However, we are led to the material we need when we need it. It is the ego that wants to know everything at once, in an effort to “stay in control.” But this whole ascension process is beyond the mind’s comprehension – we can only go so far in our understanding and then must experience it.

    I am learning to tune into my heart to see if things resonate and if I am doing what is for my highest good. And yes, discernment is key.

    Like Bev, I find inspiration and wisdom in nature – plants, flowers and trees know how to “be” in the Now and adapt to their environment. Being in nature is both grounding and calming and in these chaotic times, should be a regular part of our lives.

  3. well…how many times can I say ‘Thank-you’…dear Aisha ! once again a great posting, but this one filled with ‘Truth’…as I’ve said before, it is the main reason why I was drawn to your site ; you speak Truth without projecting superiority or in a boastful way. I always have been a sensative soul, a sucker for the injured & defenseless ones, especially animals & All of nature’s BeLOved creatures, I can see a person’s or animal’s soul quite clearly as each soul has it’s own vibration, & I seem to have the ability to connect to it rather easily through many ways, even through written words. As we are All unique, the answers we seek are also unique, so it is the journey inside, that each of us must take, but it is also important to interact with outside stimulation that helps to fine tune our understanding. Our quest is about ‘Learning, Creating, Giving & Sharing’…it is the way & has always been…our contribution in the ever expanding living sacred energy of the Universe & our Creator…even when the veil is removed, we will continue this flow as it will always be in a constant state of moving energy. In regards to your previous posting I would just like to add, as I’ve said before how we & Mother Earth has begun to be super-charged with the new energies, it is most important that we make time to keep our connection strong with her, & this will help alleviate these uncomfortable bodily symptoms. Our recent weather has been a early spring gift, so I’ve been spending much time outside working in my gardens & taking some photos. This always works wonders for me as I can release energy into nature, while amplifying my connection to her, kinda like a physical grounding & in return she atunes my mind & spirit !…I wish more would take time to look at nature from the ground level…it’s quite amazing what sites she will show…& ever so therapeudic ! The universal sacred energies will continue & will intensity, so I highly recommended your followers find their own special way of absorbing & releasing & maintaining their connection to Mother-Earth. We are ‘All’ flowing & cresting the waves together on our way back home !! LOve & LIght …Be Well !~

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