The manuscript of survival -part 109

Today will be an interesting one for sure, as you will start to feel into the new energies that have been pumped into your atmosphere for the last week or so. You see, not everything you receive make its mark on the skies in the form of beautiful colours, like the wonderful auroral displays that heralded the last big bang so to speak. No, there are other, more discrete forms of inoculations at work, some that your scientists are only now started to get an inkling on. They have started to measure the amount of energized particles that howers around your little planet, and sometimes they get some interesting and mayhaps surprising results, because the numbers they see on their screens seems to be a tad bit higher than expected. And this is only the beginning sweet ones, as they will indeed be scratching their heads on more than one occasion in this upcoming period. We think you will hear the phrase ”above normal levels” in many a field from now on, as much will seem to be elevated compared to what has been deemed as ”the norm”. Well, let us just say that there will be no ”norm” about the things that will happen as the days and week go by. You will see all sorts of unusual patterns developing, not only in the weather, but things seemingly unconnected will start to behave as they have an unusual interaction not witnessed before. Everything is picking up speed, so too the linking together of so many things that previously have seemed to be not connected to anything at all, and this will have many interesting consequences.

Remember much of what you take for granted is based upon a certainty of a set of unchangeable rules, but now these rules will start to change in so many ways, seemingly at random. The outcome from all of this malleability will be so many malfunctions and glitches in diverse fields, so best be prepared to encounter problems in areas where there have been no problems before. In other words, expect the unexpected, and do not take anything for granted. Humans have a tendency to think themselves as superior to the rest of creation surrounding them, but now they will feel their grasp on this start to slip in so many areas. Remember, you have made yourselves so dependent on all sorts of electronic devices and systems that control so much of your daily life. They are often described as foolproof, but let us just see who will start to look rather foolish as thing starts to escalate and natural forces start to play out in a much broader register than you would have thought they could muster.

Keep your eyes and ears open sweet ones, and stay alert so you do not get sideswiped by something deemed ”unable to fail”. Nothing is guaranteed in this fragile structure you call advanced civilization, so do not be surprised if systems start to show more than a little wear and tear here and there. Just remember not to get caught up in the anxiety this will engender in so many people’s minds. It can be more contageous than you think as people find themselves unable to do the things they take for granted in a ”normal” day. We think you will find that the ”normal” day soon will be a bit more adventurous than you could have hoped for at times, so again we implore you to work on your balance so you will be well equipped to weather the storms that will come your way soon.

16 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival -part 109

  1. Hi Aisha – the first sentence of the last parargraph… stay alert for signs so that we do not get sideswiped by something deemed “unable to fail.” Can you offer more clarification on this? thanks, Jessica

    1. Hello Jessica!
      I do not have any more information on this than the one they give me in the messages that I post. However, as they have pointed out in so many messages already, we are indeed vulnerable in so many ways because we are dependent on appliances and systems that run on electricity. At least I make sure to do all of the usual things like always backup any important files, print out copies of documents I might need and make sure to have some cash and gas in the tank. You never know if the electricity suddenly disappears, or if cash machines or net banking is unavailable. We just had an incident here in Norway where the whole online tax registry system was down for 5 days because of an “unknown error” causing problems for thousands of people and companies. As long as we need access to electricity and data stored on computers to do anything from paying bills, communicate and even do our jobs, we can safely say that any system set up by humans are susceptible to breakdowns, no matter how “foolproof” people say they are.
      Love, Aisha

  2. Hi Aisha,

    I am feeling much better today. The physical symptoms have decreased in intensity but not gone away. I know that feeling buzzed one would think the last thing to drink would be coffee but my guides kept bringing it into my mind so I made a nice fresh pot and sat down to read some of the earlier manuscripts to get up to speed. The coffee did not make me buzz more but had the opposite effect. I guess we will just have to follow our guidance because things are not the same as they used to be, hallelujah!! I am wondering if anyone else is feeling better.


    1. Hello Ellen! I’ve had an easier, “lighter” day too. Stayed out in the sun, and contrary to what I have experienced for the last two years, it feels really soothing (see “Sun,sun,sun”). It has been very quiet, also during my mediation, that is when I usually get an intense energy download, but not today. It feels like the onset of one of those periods when “the other side” takes a step back to let us tune deeper into our own core. As you said, if we follow the guidance from within we will have an easier time, and it is true that we are guided to do things very differently now from what we have experienced before. It is certainly a great lesson in keeping an open mind!
      Love, Aisha

    2. Hello again Ellen! Just wanted you to know that my “shaking and aching” is back after an intense energy download last night. I was awakened by such a strong sense of vibration in my body, it literally felt like I was at the dentist and he was drilling into my whole upper body. I could actually “hear” the vibrations in addition to feel them, so it was a very strange experience. Did any of you have a similar experience? There was a strong earthquake (7.1) about 30 minutes earlier in Chile last night, and we have even had two small ones (3.2) only a few hours apart two days ago here in Norway which is very unusual. Seems like we are not the only ones being “charged up” these days…
      Love, Aisha

  3. Oh,Ellen, I know what you and Alisha are talking about. It feels as though every cell in my body is constantly on alert, tense, unable to relax as I used to always feel……every cell feels as though it is plugged into 220 amp electricity and a feeling of wanting to jump out of it for some peace…..yes, it feels like being rewired some way and anxiety. Dont’t know what to do with me…sit, stand, walk or lie down. Yes, like overdosed on caffein, beyond, beyond.Nothing feels secure, like floating in unknown space. I love you all and bless you for sharing this so I do not feel alone. Blessing to Wilbur, too. J.

  4. Thank-you Aisha ! I so appreciate your messages. I think I can make it thru another day – maybe with a little less moaning, groaning and creaking but with a better understanding. Still not going to be the Irish Jig anytime too soon though.

  5. Thank you Aisha!

    I was feeling really good yesterday but I woke up this morning feeling exhausted and by body has energy racing through it that makes me shake sometimes really fast. It also makes my muscles tense up in jerky motions almost like I would have cerebral palsy or some other like muscle disease. I have had this before but over the past several years but it had quieted down for a bit but today it is happening with more intensity again. I know that I do not have a muscle disease and was told that I am working with some very intense energies which my body has to adjust to. The energy was described as a rolling, boiling red energy which is very intense.

    Is anyone else having this type of reaction. Any thoughts on this Aisha?


    1. Hello Ellen! My body is also struggling hard these days to keep up with the new energies coming in. I can certainly feel that they are different from the ones we have been exposed to earlier. It is like my body is in a constant “buzz”, almost like I am standing on a floor with electric current running through it. I get a lot of aching and twitching in my muscles, mostly in my feet and legs, but not as strong as the ones you describe. I also feel the shaking, almost like I have overdosed on caffeine. It is an odd mixture of exhaustion and an inability to relax, and if I try to rest when I feel really worn out, it only makes it more intense. I am being told that this will continue for a while, as it is indeed an important part of this “rewiring process” we are going through, and as always they reassure me that everything is OK even if it occasionally feels like it’s too much. I guess we must try to take it as a sign of progress, even if we feel ready to throw in the towel at times ;–).
      Love, Aisha

  6. Thank you Wilbur :–) I think we all can call ourselves heroes in this ongoing process. As the Constant Companions have said it “this is not for the faint of heart” and that is so true. Love and light to all of you brave hearts out there!

  7. P.S. You are my hero Aisha! You too Contstant Companions! Please keep up the fantastic work, it is greatly appreciated.

  8. Thank you Aisha and Constant Companions, May we always remember that we are very protected and very much loved. I am noticing an increase in telepathic communication. I am trying to maintain a more “beingness” thought pattern, in the realization that thoughts are manifesting into reality at a greater speed now. I can hardly wait until the veil of forgetting is finally lifted and we remember all. My love to you all. Peace, harmony, love and above all light, may it pour into evey darkened corner of this World.

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