The manuscript of survival – part 107 (equinox message)

Today marks another important passage for humanity dear ones, as today your world is once again tilting on its axis and rearranging the balance it has held so precariously for such a long time. Let us explain.

As you might be aware of, the day of the equinox is when your planet is suspended in seemingly balance, where night and day are of equal lengths, and everything seems to be holding its breath for what is to come. Well, let us just say, that just as the days are getting longer now in your northern hemisphere, and where the day will outlast the night from this day onwards, so too will the light slowly but surely take over from the darkness that has been covering your globe for eons. This is a remarkable day in so many ways, as not only is it inscribed in all of the ancient calendars as the start of a new year, a new cycle, and as such it has been celebrated and venerated for many thousands of years. In addition, today marks the passage of your whole existence from a barren and wintery cold sojourn and into the lighter days of spring, heralding the slow onset of a warm and fertile eternal summer that will soon envelop you all in her glowing embrace no matter what end of your planet you reside on.

Humanity has once and for all decided to cast off the garment of inner darkness and chosen to clothe herself in raiments of pure light, and just as the sun will be creeping ever higher over the horizon, so too will this all-enveloping light of love spread her rays and warm even the loneliest of hearts as the days grow longer and longer.

Rejoice, sweet ones, the time has come to sow the seeds of happiness, and the harvest you reap will be plentiful indeed.

7 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 107 (equinox message)

  1. I really don’t know how much of the energy is coming inside or how much of it is working on my system, but i can feel the symptoms.
    Is pretty hard, but i am still smiling. The doctors say (for about two and a half years) that i have multiple sclerosis. What i feel in the last month is the breaking of the body and the high sense of joy when i surprise myself in the mirror, speaking with myself, in the very moment of new and bright understanding. Does it make any sense?
    Dear Aisha, without your post (and others like it) i guess i haven’t been around. Of course, it’s my responsibility to live my life in this body, and i know for sure, now, that my life is not pointless. This understanding came to me from inside, but the every day confirmation is priceless.
    Light/Love to you and everyone. Forever!!

    1. Dear Leonard! Your words touch me so deeply, and I thank you from my heart from sharing them with us all. You have challenges that are so profound compared to the ones I face every day, and I am so glad that the words I channel can be of solace and inspiration to you. You are truly a bright and shining brave soul, and I send you all my love and light.
      Regards, Aisha.

  2. Thank you Aisha!!

    Remember when one of your latest channeling they said that things about who we really are and where we really come from would start to seep into our minds and wow it is sooooo true. I have had several incredible revelations about that.

    After I had the initial crap come up from the solar flares I have had much more energy. I actually feel like doing something instead of always feeling tired.


  3. Thank you Aisha and Constant Companions for this wonderful missive, I look so forward to them. PEACE.

  4. Hi Aisha…Thanks once again for your inspiring postings ! just wanted to let you know that space-weather has recently reported unnormal high elevations of super-charged electronic particle energy in Earth’s upper atmosphere & within the last hour there has been elevated seismic activity in the west coast, tip to tip of Mexico region. My ears are ringing, feeling tingling sensations & I have been sneezing back to back these last few minutes… the Universe has heard Mother-Earth’s cries & will help her re-balance & heal her wounds…the hungry materialistic realm of mankind will not fair well, but as I’m so often told…it is necessary…LOve & Light to You…Be Safe & Surrounded with Divine Spiritual Strength…!~

    1. Love and light to you and all the rest of our hard working fellow lightworkers! I have been feeling these supercharges so intensely these last two days, and I have been waiting for some kind of “release”. I would not be surprised if we have more in store in this upcoming week.

      Love, Aisha

  5. Thank you Aisha for helping us to have an oasis, of sort, when everything else feels surreal. I don’t know how else to describe the feeling. Know you are appreciated and loved. J.

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