The manuscript of survival – part 106

Today we would like to delve deeper into the unknown world of your tomorrow, or rather, the forgotten world of tomorrow, as in your heart of hearts you are already so familiar with the concept. You see, you harken from shores where what you dream about today has been a fact of life for eons, and as you have once trodden upon shores where love prevails, you cannot wait to get back to that reality. A reality that stands in stark contrast with what you can observe on all sides at the moment, and as the veil is getting ever thinner, your recollections of days gone by in a much more paradisiacal environment is coming ever further to the surface. Hence, frustration and disillusionment is rampant, as you can only see too well the deep divide that separates you from this existence today. This gulf is widening day by day, as there is seemingly no end to the atrocities mankind can engage in, and the light seems to be dimming in so many places around your world.

Fret not, sweet ones, that is truly a sign that everything is about to change for the better, because if you were not sufficiently awakened by now, you would not even blink an eye to the awful news you are served daily by your mass media. The further you raise yourselves from the level that the rest of humanity is content to stoop to, the more outrageous their behaviour will seem to you, and the closer you are to actually attain your freedom from it all. This may sound self contradictory to you, but that is exactly what is going on at the moment. Everything is picking up speed, but while you are hurtling ever faster into the higher vibrations, the rest of humanity is on an ever steeper downslide, and the gulf between you is thereby widening. Again, we have referred to the separation of the two timelines, and this is a very apparent sign that this separation process is indeed in full swing.

The interesting thing is, that even if the magnitude of negativity is reaching an ever higher point in the world, your abilities to disengange yourselves from them is also escalating. In other words, once you have taken that deliberate choice to heighten your own frequency of vibration, you will be able to watch the goings on in the lower spheres without being as emotionally involved in them as you used to be. In the eyes of a less advanced beholder, this will seem to be a sign of callousness, but it is anything but. We have touched on this subject before, and we will do so again, for it is vital that you understand your own role in this. You are the wayshowers, the beacons of light, and your first and most important task is to separate yourselves completely from the games set up to entrap humanity in an endless charade of events set up to disempower you all. If you get sucked into this game, it is almost like being swallowed into a dark hole in the universe, almost impossible to release oneself from it. But you have managed to do so, and cudos to you all for doing just that! It is in no way an easy task, and the hardest part of this separation process is still ahead for so many of you. We talk of course of that process of relinquishing any sense of obligation you still carry for the liberation from this matrix to call it that for those near and dear, as this is the final anchor still keeping you stuck to the old. But as long as you remember that you are here to show the way out by your own actions,  these anchors will slowly start to wriggle loose from the sediments that are holding them back.

You see, the tomorrow we refer to is one where you are all the glorious free spirits you so rightly can claim to be, where each and every one of you are connected from the heart, not from any kind of pressure or obligation. You will learn to live again as free spirits, and as such you will remake your communities into places where love is the guiding principle and where respect for your fellow men and for your surroundings will guide each and every step you take. Then, the road ahead will become very apparent, and the choices you will make will seem very self evident, as the rule of fear and powerlessness will be but a fading memory. It will literally be like coming home after a long sojourn in the desert, as you are indeed shining souls who volunteered to come down and release the shackles the darkness placed on humanity for such a long, long time. We know this will sound like fluff to many of you, but deep down you all now it is the reality you are all striving to resurrect, and you will be the proud settlers in this awakened world you call tomorrow. And never forget, tomorrow is only a short night away for you all. So do not fear the darkness dear ones, it will only signal the transition from the today you are living in now into the longed for tomorrow that is waiting in the wings.

6 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 106

  1. Hi Aisha,

    Thank you for another invaluable message of support for our spirits. Your messages are so important to me and from what I have read on your blog there are others who think this as well.


  2. Thank you Aisha and Constant Companions. As usual my dear ones, spot on. No fear. No guilt. Karma is an illusion. Let’s proudly step into the light. My Love to you all. PEACE.

  3. Oh, thank you Bev and Aisha for helping me not to feel so alone with these feelings………Bev you certainly described it for me. Thank you Aisha for these messages helping us through. Love to us all. J.

  4. Aisha, thank you so much for all these messages, which I have now read in their entirety. Everything resonates with where I am and what I have come to believe.

    I am certainly feeling “the deep divide.” I cannot stand to watch the violence and horror that passes for “entertainment” on TV and have had to detach myself from all the awful stuff happening in the world.

    I personally feel the wider and wider gulf between my own vibrations and those of others around me. I do feel that things are coming to a head and I am ready to go with the Light. I hope the “split” comes soon! Meanwhile I will appreciate what time I have left in this reality.

    Much love, Thelma

  5. Thanks for your ‘up-lifting’ message Aisha ! These recent waves of energy sure have been leaving a mark of highs & lows, & the past few days have certainly been low. These moments sure are a struggle to stay focused & steadfast in one’s faith as our internal beacons barely can cast a glimmer of Light ! It always leave me with a strong sense of being dis-connected & a lost LOve of the things I normally enjoy…what makes my Heart sing ! like a cup of happiness drained & empty. I know it won’t last, as I have gone through it before, but I must tell you the intensity of these low periods has increased & I’m seeing it on so many levels around society & nature All around the world ! it certainly is a sign that something is very soon about to break ! Have a Great Day & hope you are continuing to Enjoy the nice weather ! LOve & Light & keep messaging…words on encouragement are so important & beneficial during these times !!~

    1. Hello Bev! I certainly agree with you that these rounds are getting more and more intense. The emotional roller coaster has picked up speed, and the body has found a lot of new ways to say that it is struggling to keep up. It always helps to share and compare these symptoms with likeminded souls, then I know for certain that I am not the only one being hammered in this way. Spring has decided to come early this year, so I enjoy being out in nature and greeting the sun. That is the best medicine for me at the moment :–)
      Love, Aisha

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