The manuscript of survival – part 104

As of yesterday, things took a step in the right direction once again. As this might get some of you up in arms, let us hasten to explain that we do not refer to things that would in any way hit the headlines, neither in your local news, nor the international ones. You should be well aware by now that these leaps of faith we refer to almost always allude to important events going on under the radar so to speak, and so this too came down without any fuss, at least in some aspects. But in our view, yesterday was a high point indeed, as it served as a monumental confirmation that your world has stepped so much closer to the level of perfection that we are all striving to help you reach, and it gladdens us no end that this process is picking up momentum in leaps and bounds at the moment. It is time to kick back and enjoy dear ones, as you will all soon be enveloped in a whirlwind of change that will spin not only your heads but also the rest of your being almost into a frenzy.

We speak in convoluted terms as always, and we do so fully aware that this is more than irksome to many of you. You simply cannot let go of the desire to fill in the blanks as it were, and you almost want a detailed script to go by before you reluctantly let yourselves be swept off by this gathering momentum of energy that is barreling into you. You grasp on to the last remnants of certainty that you can still find, regardless of how this actually heightens the stress on not only your body but also you willingness to finally let go and join the forward movement in earnest. Can you not see how much harder this resistance to believe makes it oh so much more taxing for you than need be? Remember, taking the path of less resistance this time really entails taking the bull by the horns, namely confronting that insistent analytical mind of yours that is tying you down with all sorts of fearful needs to be assuaged before you can take even one small step further towards your quest for freedom. This may sound complicated, but let us just say that in this, less is truly so much more, as those that have managed to let go of any expectations at all as to how these proceedings will develop have it far easier than those still bent on following a clearly defined curve ahead. That curve does not exist except in your mind, and as long as you stubbornly refuse to let go of the notion that the mind knows best, this journey will be filled with so many stumbling blocks you will be hard pressed to find your way forwards amidst all of the rubble.

We say this in order to make it very clear that you can never expect to have a clear view of the road ahead in your minds, only in your hearts, and we know that on the surface, this will sound as a self-evident and easily understood concept, but in reality, it is indeed the hardest thing to embrace for any human being. You see, you have been well trained to defy anything that does not qualify as logic, and in this respect, you have certainly been overruled by your mind for many, many a lifetime. But this time, you must learn to let go of the stiff armor of logical thinking you are being held prison by, and the only way to do that, is to make sure that the voice coming from the heart must be let out to override the ”voice of reason” that is doing its best to outvoice it.

We cannot say this strongly enough, for if you continue to let your mind set the pace, you will forever stay mired in a deep sea of unfulfilled expectations, and these will only serve to keep you safely moored in the lower vibrations. Only those ready to take that leap of faith and literally go with what the heart tells them is true, will be able to see that their dreams are really, really becoming reality right in front of their very eyes. It is up to you dear ones, to choose which voice to heed as things starts to speed up so much more. And remember, in the ensuing confusion that will be the fallout from this world wide intensification, you will have an even harder time separating the voice of truth from the voice of confusion, so you better prick up your ears while you still have the chance to hear anything at all above the din that is starting to gather strength even as we speak. So listen, and listen well, and you will certainly find your bearings if you manage to pick out your true voice in the choir of disillusionment and despair that is making more and more noise as the days and weeks go by, seemingly without any of the changes their minds are so set on seeing before they take the next step. It’s time to fall out of that line, and set your own course ahead. Staying in your heart will certainly ensure that you do not get lost along the way, like so many of your fellow men assuredly will do. March to your own tune, not that of common reason, and you will see that you will find what you have been searching for long before that mass of obedient minds ever find theirs.

8 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 104

  1. Good to hear,that it is not an expectation…I totally agree…if you live that consciousness then any message is a voice of the Almighty,because You can hear only the truth…there cannot be any duality,any wrong message only the voice of All That Is,no other options…

    cheerful afternoon…love and light 😀

  2. Dear Tom;

    This is not an expectation, it is a knowing. The only guidance that will lead humanity to ascension comes from I AM THAT I AM also known as Christ Consciousness – Source/ ALL THAT IS, nothing else. This I AM THAT I AM is the Godly principal that dwells in all Sentient beings/humans. You are either awake to this awareness/cobsciousness or not.

    Blessings and love

    I Am

  3. I think one should feel the message (and with that the source of the message sender too) and see whether it complies with his “expectation” to be one with christ consciousness.

    let light be with everyone 😀


  4. Dear Aisha,
    The messages you deliver from whom are they – ascended master/archangel/Higher self?

    1. Hello Wilfred! They have not given me much information about themselves, apart from the fact that they are ”a motley bunch” and ”more than five”, and that they work on the orders from All there is. They all have their own ”voice”, they use different words, cover different subjects and they have very different energies when they come through with their messages. They have not told me where they come from, but I have been given the impression that they represent different civilizations, all coming together to help us and Planet Earth. They have stressed several times that they represent a group, and will not give me any individual “names” or information because they feel it is important that I do not get too “attached ” to any of them. Sometimes a new “voice” comes forward with these messages, but only after being introduced to me by the group in a personal message to me, so I have lost count on how many they are by now.
      Love, Aisha

      1. Dear Aisha, thank you for your reply. As i do not trust any message, i cannot calibrate this source/s as ” one with christ consciuosness” !
        Thank you for your quick reply!


        I Am


  5. Thank you Aisha and Constant Companions, It’s sometimes hard to grasp that reality is no linear, but grasp we must and listen to our heart.


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