The sun has certainly played a prominent part this last week. Not only because of those numerous blasts of energy that have left me feeling rather bruised and battered, especially in the lower back and the hips, but also because I have been guided to spend as much time as possible outside. Thanks to a very unseasonable warmth here in Oslo – we’ve had up to +16C – I have been spending most of the last three days sitting on our balcony soaking up the sun. To me, that is highly unusual indeed, because for the last couple of years I have had to stay away from the sun’s rays as much as possible on so many occasions. Not because I wanted to protect my skin, but because I felt really unwell if I got too much sun on me. Some days, I could not even be outside in the sun for 5 minutes without feeling faint and nauseous, and while the rest of my fellow Norwegians complained about the lousy summer weather, I was only too happy when clouds covered the sky. Clearly, the energies coming in from the sun was not in any way beneficial to me at that stage, and some of my close friends had exactly the same experience. I was also told in several channelings to listen to these signals my body gave me and limit the amount of time in the sun. But not now. I feel almost compelled to spend as much time as I can soaking up as much as possible (well protected by plenty of sunscreen of course). It is almost like I cannot get enough of it. Have any of you had a similar experience?


I was not the only one who enjoyed the early spring this week. The first butterfly of the year came for a short visit.