Sun, sun, sun

The sun has certainly played a prominent part this last week. Not only because of those numerous blasts of energy that have left me feeling rather bruised and battered, especially in the lower back and the hips, but also because I have been guided to spend as much time as possible outside. Thanks to a very unseasonable warmth here in Oslo – we’ve had up to +16C – I have been spending most of the last three days sitting on our balcony soaking up the sun. To me, that is highly unusual indeed, because for the last couple of years I have had to stay away from the sun’s rays as much as possible on so many occasions. Not because I wanted to protect my skin, but because I felt really unwell if I got too much sun on me. Some days, I could not even be outside in the sun for 5 minutes without feeling faint and nauseous, and while the rest of my fellow Norwegians complained about the lousy summer weather, I was only too happy when clouds covered the sky. Clearly, the energies coming in from the sun was not in any way beneficial to me at that stage, and some of my close friends had exactly the same experience. I was also told in several channelings to listen to these signals my body gave me and limit the amount of time in the sun. But not now. I feel almost compelled to spend as much time as I can soaking up as much as possible (well protected by plenty of sunscreen of course). It is almost like I cannot get enough of it. Have any of you had a similar experience?


I was not the only one who enjoyed the early spring this week. The first butterfly of the year came for a short visit.

11 thoughts on “Sun, sun, sun

  1. Indeed. Do not be afraid of the sun! What you put on your skin is eaten by your body. Do not eat sunscreen!!! Eat balanced nutrition, which is most easily done by including superfoods in your diet, as Dominic noted, and the sun is one of them. All sunscreen has accomplished is more vitamin D deficiencies, which leads to a multitude of difficulties.

  2. I have had a similar experience. Up until recently the sun was like poison to me in a strange way I can’t describe. I would easily over load on it, and could not be out in it for long. And now, it’s like elixir. A wonderful substance that nourishes and rejuvenates. I’m not sure why, but I feel that some composition shifted, and is now more benevolent to my being. Thanks for sharing this little tidbit. Helps not to feel alone with it. Peace, Angie

  3. For me, the sun has always beckoned me outside. I rejoice when I have the time to bare my skin to its’ light and warmth. In the summer, I can enjoy it for hours at a time. Now there is an even greater blessing from its rays. There can be no more beneficial medicine than the power from the sun.

  4. Strange posting. Lay off the sunscreen.have you ever read the list of ingredients of sunscreen.why would you put that mess of industry waste on your screen to ” protect ” you from” harmful”uv.take some advice from an earthling 3d physical being passing through space and time riding a surfboard hopefully with plenty of sunshine.lay off the creams.the sun is good for the human. Drink carrot juice or spirulina.beta carrotens.bee pollen helps as well in reducing the wearing of ones skin. Healthy protein well your money isnt keeping these industry giants lennon ,mccartny sang “here comes the sun king”. As well as a message from bjork” its in our hands”.dont keep the opressers alive with your personal capitail.

  5. It was about 50 f here in western Wyoming this last Sunday, but I was out in a t-shirt just sitting and soaking it in. Even took off my boots and stuck my bare feet into the melting snow. It just felt so RIGHT. I had the feeling of re-charging and it was so nice to just “be”. Blessings

  6. Hello Aisha ! I nice personal message to us from you…Thanks ! In my part of the world ‘Atlantic Canada’, we are in the process of leaving winter (which was unusually mild) into spring & this time of year always brings a great feeling of awakening, I think much of it is a reflection of nature beginning to burst forth in new life once again ! I have always LOved the warm rays of the Sun, being outside in my gardens & look forward to getting out & diving into the beautiful rich soil again ! Much is on the move, pulling, pushing & adjusting, although most don’t see or feel it. I had expected more of an eventful weekend, as I have personally been feeling alot of pressure building & I was told to expect a re-action, but due to respect of the 1 year anniversary of Japan’s tragedy it was delayed to now but will continue for the next few days & I have felt the releasing of the pressure. I don’t think you ever mentioned anything about this past year’s event, & was wondering if you have thoughts or have been sent messages about it ? The people of Japan will be in great transition this year, so much I could say, but let me just say they have been given a wake-up call to address what is more important in their life on the physical plane…the elders have watched as their newer generation has separated themselves from Mother-Earth & have become so power hungry & driven with no concerns to it’s consequences. They are gathered near a deep wound in Mother’s mantle, a sensative area that can easily be triggered to re-open, so much the new ones don’t understand & they are unware of the magnitude of radiation that still exists, the damage it has caused & continues to affect All life within their surroundings, an invisable poison. The elders know, the young are being asked to change their ways, but there isn’t much time. I am so against nuclear energy !!!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy these rare & beautiful Sunny March days my friend & soak in the Divine healing Power of the Sun !!~ Perfect-Pure & Green Energy !!~

    1. Hello Bev!

      This is what The Constant companions said about Japan in part 11 of the manuscript:

      “Most of your fellow humans consider the large earth tremor in Japan a disaster beyond human imagination, and they only see the suffering of the people getting in the way of that enormous wave. Have you not seen what the fallout from this is already? Have not several other countries already deemed nuclear reactors as far too dangerous to keep up? Have they not already turned away from the ”energy of tomorrow” as they called it, and started to see into other and more reliable and sustainable sources? Yes, the answer is clear to see for those that dare open their eyes, but so many will refuse to see beyond the so-called natural disasters that have and will occur. They choose to see only destruction where others with a keener eye will see possibility for change. ”

      Love, Aisha

    2. Hi Bev,

      Thank you for your kind words to Japan.

      We still have aftershocks from time to time. Just two days ago, four earthquakes hit the northern areas and we had the one here in Tokyo area in this early morning. Just a thought of this small country is sitting on the four large plates makes me faint. The media are spreading fears as usual.

      Anyway, what is the point of worrying all the time? So I try not to caught up in the mass consciousness.

      And we won’t let the government to have a new nuclear plant. Not anymore!
      Have a wonderful weekend!

      Hugs, Emi

  7. Good Mornign Aisha! Yes, two or three days ago I took the cats outside as it was so shinny and beautiful out there. For about 5 minutes it didn’t really feel good, I got a headache, so I reather decided to go back into my home. But after I’ve seen my two cats that how much they enjoyed being out there (streching, eating grass or lying on their back, but always on a sunny spot), that has finally brought me out again. And I am telling you, it was so worth it. Turned my face to our beautiful Sun, started to sneeze right away (as a clensing process, I guess), but after that I was just sitting on the stairs and stayed there for I don’t even know how long. It calmed my thoughts and feeling down and made me so relaxed. So yes, I know how you felt, as I felt the same way. 🙂

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