Today we would like to take the opportunity to delve deeper into the mysteries of the last few days, as to many, they cannot fathom the depths these impacts of energy will have not only on them personally, but also to your world. You see, these seemingly innocuous streams of multicoloured lights that accompanied these storms were not the only fallout from all of this. No, they were merely the icing on the cake so to speak. Let us explain.

For many of you, these displays of heavenly extravaganza may seem to be very familiar, as it is a sight that has been seen by the eyes of mankind ever since you first set foot on this planet. But this time, these ribbons of auroral lights heralded the arrival of something new on your planet, something that will change everything and everyone forever. You may not be aware of this, but the longevity of these displays of incoming engery was rare indeed, as the sun usually shows more restraint in dispensing out these fireworks. But this time, she did not let up until she had fired several volleys in your direction, and we all thank her for her willingness to do so, as without these volleys of intensified communication coming in, you would all be hard pressed to finish the tasks you came here to do.

As we have touched upoin earlier, hidden amongst all of these outwardly impressive coronal displays a very important transaction was taken place, hidden from the prying eyes of those still set on maintaining status quo on this little planet of yours. But even if they were aware of the magnitude of these missives, they would have been unable to do anything to stop them from reaching their targets. And the targets were multiple, as not only you, the awakened, received those oh so vital codes that will help you to transmute the last and final batch of darker shades still lingering in your vicinity, but it also penetrated deep into the core of your faithful Mother Earth and gave her a much needed injection of energy that will help her to complete her cleansing process as well. She is gearing up now, as these barrages of energy have set her well on her way to complete her highly sought goal of ascending from the lower vibrational field she has been held trapped in for such a long time, for she as well as you are on this mission to lift humanity to a whole new level.

You might be aware of this already, but it bears being repeated that this is not a process isolated to mankind, this is a process that involves the whole of creation, and as such there are many pieces that have been fitted together through these last few days that will ensure a smoother running of the whole show as it were. In other words, you have just witnessed the flare that signals the start of that final dash towards the finishing line, and we do hope that this will make all of the hard work you had to go through in these intervening days well worth it. You see, there is no turning back now, and as the completion of this sunspot’s cycle is coming to an end, you have only begun to feel into what she actually left behind in her wake. It was a majestic show she put up indeed, but it is mere smidgens compared to what her parting gifts will engender as they all start to weave their magic on your beautiful little planet. And yes, this time it will be unavoidable to see and feel the effects all of this will have on humanity, as Mother Earth is gearing up to give her response to the gifts she has been given. Fear not, even if the roar from her will make many a timid soul tremble. She is finding her voice, much like you all are at the moment, and it will be an impressive one indeed, and the time will come for you all to hear her clarion call that will signal the advent of a better future. Listen well sweet ones, she is calling to you, and you best heed her call, because those that will choose to ignore it will certainly be made to listen anyway.