For now, things will seem to quieten down a bit as you all start to assimilate all of those doses of high voltage energy you have been receiving during these last days. It was no mean feat, let us tell you that, and we venture to guess that they certainly left their mark on you at impact. That is not strange, as they were of a magnitude hitherto unseen on your shores, and we all applaud your efforts in this sweet ones. You see, you have just managed to install a whole host of important codes that will be triggered in a sequence that will literally take your breath away, and when this sequence kicks off, you will be leaving behind so much of yourselves you did not think you would ever be rid of. Much like the booster rockets used to employ your spaceriders into space, so too will these encoded ”timebombs” to call them that ensure that you will be able to reach that required level of ascension that will enable you all to reach all the way to the stars.

We may use rather fanciful words to describe this, but underneath them all lies such a level of profound knowledge and distilled energy it can be called nothing short of magical, and when you start to tap into this yourselves, you will indeed waste no time in declaring it magical too. You see, what you have entered is that final phase of unveiling that will slowly but surely start to open up to you all, much like a tiny bud of a flower opens itself to show off its stunning beauty. To some of you, the sweet perfume from this beautiful flower that is the real you have started to seep into your consciousness, and even through the stench from the so-called real world this hint of perfume will set your heart reeling with the possibilites it foretells. From now on, things will start to manifest, and you will all have the joy of discovering just what lies in wait for you underneath this rather battle weary exterior you are hiding inside of, and we wish you all well on this journey of discovery, for we know that you will be more than overjoyed from what you find hidden there. No more for you the certainty of a short life burdened by the fears of tomorrow, as you have allowed yourselves to escape the drudgery of a mere human existence that you have been trapped in for so many lives. The time has come to start to sing to your own tune now, and we know you will all sing so well, as this latest bout of energy has certainly cleaned your pipes sufficiently for you all to start finding that clear and pure tune you all carry inside.

That is all for now, we leave you in peace on this merry morning. Let the sun shine all the way into the depths of your hearts sweet ones, and you will hear your true voice ever so clearly. It’s time to let it out dear ones, time to start singing that tune out loud in joy and anticipation for what is come.