Today, much will be set into motion that will change the lives of so many. We talk of course about those lifechanging events that on the surface seem at times unobtrusive, but under the surface, a total rehabilitation will take place. The incoming energies will be of such a magnitude they will blow away the cobwebs from so many, and they will indeed manifest themselves almonst instantly. Do not be astonished if you find yourselves rather worse for the wear as this day goes by, as there is much that needs to be absorbed into your physical body during these next few hours. You see, as you have all been set ablaze by so many new codes, your body will indeed have a hard time assimilating it all, and might throw rather an intense tantrum to show you that it is not pleased at all by what is going on. Do not fear for this sweet ones, it will only be a temporary inconvenience, and it will not be harmful in any way, only rather uncomfortable.

This will also be a short missive, as we only want to point out some of the side effects all of these intense upgradings will have, but in the long term, the effects will be far reaching indeed, and we will return to this topic later on. But for now, let us just conclude that you are well under way to becoming the shining beings you are meant to be, and that gladdens us to no end. So even if the medicine tastes a tad bitter, it will be oh so sweet to all of you when you discover just what it will accomplish inside you all. That is all for now, we will return later on with more.