I’m crackling with energy – and so is the sun

Wow – these last few hours have been intense, to say the least! The energies coming in have been so strong I feel almost like a lightning rod just before the lightning strikes. The current is so strong, my muscles are tingling so much it feels like they are going to cramp up. Take a look at spaceweather and you will see why. There’s a very active sunspot crackling with energy, and it has had several major eruptions in the last few days. The sunspot is pointing almost directly towards Earth, and with the full moon less than 24 hours away, I wonder if the “newsworthy event” we are waiting for might be a major coronal mass ejection coming our way…

2 thoughts on “I’m crackling with energy – and so is the sun

  1. This is also a very busy day astrologically regarding the pending full moon and several planetary alignments. (please see above from Solarwatcher.net)


    My love to you all.

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