The manuscript of survival – part 96

For a long time now, humanity has strived for better days, but alas, the results from all of this struggle has not been a successful one. At least not on the outside, as your world is still struggling under the burden of mismanagement and lack of freedom. But be that as it may, we can now safely herald the coming of a new age for you all. You see, under the oh so quiet surface at the moment, a mighty undertaking is on its way, and it will have far reaching consequences for you all. We are well aware that for many of you, these words have started to ring tired and indeed overused, as you have been waiting for eons for such a change, and for you, nothing seems to be apparent that might convince you otherwise. You need hard proof you say, and we cannot fault you in that, as only the bravest of hearts can be counted upon to keep their faith burning in a world such as yours.

Believe us when we say that we cannot and will not fault any of you for becoming less than convinced that something magical is afoot, as there are so many signs telling you otherwise. Therefore, let us just repeat that from now on, you will indeed start to see ever more clearly that a change is indeed under way, and these small sings of approaching dawn will quickly spread and light up even the gloomiest corner. Soon is a word we have often been accused of overusing, and rightly so, as ”soon” can have many a connotation. As you well know, we all differ in our perception of time, and for you, soon usually signifies ”right now” or in a second, but for us, soon refers to something that is indeed imminent of being materialized, but we cannot give you an exact time frame for the actual event.

This will cause more than a few raised brows, and a lot of irritated sighs, we are fully aware of that, and we cannot give you a more detailed description of coming events than we already have, except to say that you will be more than pleasantly surprised by certain events that will take place within a very short timeframe indeed, even by your standards. That does not mean to say that you will spring forth into a new world within the week, but you will certainly see some events set into action by the time the light of the full moon starts to shine. This is only a few days away, so we will certainly make sure that something newsworthy will appear in that timeperiod indeed.

But just to make it a bit more complicated, remember that the actions we refer to might not be anything like you expect. You see, in your hearts, you are already expecting world peace and a freedom from any financial burden, sickness and despotism, and that is what you are hankering to see played out in all of its splendor. Yes, that will certainly be the end result from all of this, but it will not miraculously appear overnight. As we have gone into some details explaining earlier, this is not a linear process, and for you, this will be very difficult to understand. You have been trained to believe that all evolution follow a certain model, where events are linked in a special way, and where A needs to happen before B came come into play. Whereas to us, time and space are indeed malleable, therefore Z can come before B, and A at the very end. This will sound confusing and only serve to muddy the picture, but what we are trying to say is that for human beings, there are so many limitations as to how something can change, and as you are still strictly bound by what you perceive to be possible, you cannot even begin to understand how this process can come about in any other way. Hence the disillusionment so many of you feel, as you are quite right to surmise that according to your set standards, the changes we have been referring to for so long cannot even begin to have any effect during your lifetime. It will simply take too much time, as there are such a vast amount of humans still opposed to or unaware of there being any other way of solving things than the ways you have devised for yourselves.

Oh but there are so many other ways, sweet ones, and soon you will see for yourselves things that will make your head spin. Yes, we will continue to use that overused word ”soon”, and you will probably start to dislike it even more before you will be able to take it to heart that things are indeed happening at a rapid pace, and not in the agonizingly slow one it seems to be at the moment.

We throw words around seemingly at random at the moment, and to many, this will look like we are paddling around trying to keep your focus off the real target, namely the specific details as to what is indeed going down these next few days. We take this accusation lightly, as we know fully well that there are so many out there who will be justified in saying so, as to their eyes nothing will be changing, or if it does, only for the worse. Let us just remind you that the truth can be and will be hard to see, as what is presented as such in your mass media is only a minuscule part of what is going on on your planet at the moment. You are presented facts and numbers from a few corners of your globe, and you watch in horror as it seems that your whole world is slowly but surely sinking under the burden of bloodshed, greed and powerlessness. That is because the ones ruling your world take pride in harnessing in your powers by hammering in the same message again and again, and it works beautifully.

Just remember that there are indeed 7 billion of you out there, and of those 7 billion, so many have awakened to the fact that this world needs an about turn, and it needs it quickly, and just like you, they are working hard to assure that this about turn will come as soon as possible. And just like you dear ones, they are working ever so hard hidden away from the prying eyes of the powers residing at the top. Therefore, they are also hidden from view from the rest of you, so your toil will feel more than futile at times because you think you are so scattered and few. And although you at times get a small notion of the powers you actually harbour inside, it can be difficult to grasp the fact that you are currently being connected to such a powerful and all encompassing grid you will be able to literally outnumber the rest of your human compatriots. Not in sheer numbers, but in sheer force, and the impact from that powersurge will knock the lid off the pressure cooker that you have been trapped inside for such a long time. Believe us when we say that you will be more than amazed by the power of this ”explosion”, as it will literally blow to pieces any doubts as to the feasibility of this vision of a better world you all carry in your hearts. It is not a dream for much longer, it will be a reality soon, so keep your hopes up and sharpen your wits, as there will be clear signs of things to come in a very short time indeed.

5 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 96

  1. I am new to this site; therefore, I greatly look forward to “something” being revealed before the full moon.

  2. I’m so happy that Aisha “translates” these messages to us. It keeps The Hope within me and in so many others. Love to You All.

  3. Michelle from Washington, DC here. Hmmmm I read earlier today that the 144 crystaline grid scheduled to activate on 12/12 is ahead if schedule and will activate on this full moon instead. I wonder if this is what they mean by the grid comment.

  4. Thank you Aisha and the Constant Companions. I have had great difficulty with the word “soon”, I have been hearing it now for over a year (when I ask my higher self, et cetera) and it is very frustrating. I since have developed an understanding that the Beautiful Benevolents have a different understanding of what “soon” is…and that’s alright. I / we just have to be patient and trust in the Divine. Love to you all.

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