Let us continue this saga by delving more into the emotional upheaval so many of you are currently experiencing. As we have stated in earlier transmissions, this period will indeed be amongst the most challenging ones for you, and the reason for that is the barrage of mental detritus that is currently surfacing for many of you. This will come in many shapes and forms, but what they have in common is a feeling of undermining your personal conviction to the point of almost surrendering yourselves into a flood of helplessness.

Again, each and every one of you have your own personal battles to take on, and in most cases, they will not be like any others, but there are still some points that might make it easier for you all to see more clearly what this process is all about. Let us explain. We referred to dregs or detritus, and that is acually the root cause for all of this unpleasantness covering so much of your days and nights at the moment, almost like a bad smell you cannot find the source for and is impossible to evade. So too is this mental rollercoaster being perceived, as something unwanted that surfaces at the most inopportune moment, and that can spring forth suddenly without any apparent cause. Hence, the sudden moodswings, periods of intense anger and feelings of aggression, downcast days where nothing seems to have any meaning at all, and days of seemingly perpetual sunshine and euphoria. To an untrained eye it might seem to be like an affliction that needs some serious medication to keep it in check, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, this regurgitating of so much dross to call it that is a very important step of this separation process we have talked so much about lately, as it is in effect a very, very thorough cleansing process that will ensure that you all can step into your new lives as it were devoid of any of that old baggage, mental or otherwise, that served to anchor you to your old moorings.

These bubbles of heavy energy that percolates up to the surface of your consciousness is nothing but old and stagnant energy that has been trapped deep inside of you, like gasbubbles in old sediments, and now they are being released and will pop up to the surface and evaporate. Yes, as they literally ”pop” they will be gone for good, and will never return to your system, so you better look at this as a very beneficial process, although the process in itself might not be much to feel good about once you are in the middle of such a release of noxious fumes. Just remember sweet ones, you cannot be damaged by any of these fumes, that is as long as you do not gather them in again by latching onto the fleeting feeling of unease, anger or defeat and take it for something much more solid. Then these feelings will stick to you like mud, and you will have a much harder time scraping them off. In other words, see them for what they really are, namely a transient memory finally passing away from you for good, and although they might be perceived as somewhat malodorous, they are actally cleaning the air as they are finally being expelled from your physical and mental body. Just remember, these bubbles, to call them that, are not only from this life, they have been gathering inside of your system for all of your lifetimes here on this planet, therefore they might be a tad more numerous than you would expect.

So to sum it up. Yes, this is indeed a period with a plethora of unpleasant emotional challenges, but they are doing you a world of good – in a very literal sense. You are all cleansing yourselves of your innermost residue of negativity, and this will certainly make its voice heard as it passes through you and out into the atmosphere. Just make sure not to listen too closely, or you might mistake it for some vital information. It is not, it is only the remnants of an old programming trying to raise its voice yet again, but the tune it is giving out is certainly as out of tune as they come, so do not give it any attention. It will literally sing itself into oblivion, but as it does, it might affect not only you but also those around you, so remember to take care not to pick up on the smell of bubbles that those around you are emitting.

As we said these emotional burpings will feel very real to you, even if they are only old fragments of earlier experiences, and as such, you will have a hard time separating your real emotions from the ones stemming from these releases. So too your neighbour, and this will inevitably lead to confrontations, as you will all struggle mightily to keep your balance in times like these. Therefore, things may take a sudden turn in many a situation, so keep vigilant and always try to discern what is behind any of these sudden outburst you might encounter, whether they be in yourself or in a person close to you. Do not carry fuel to the fire if such a situation should occur, and do your best to take a step back in order to survey it all from a more detached position. It will be hard at times, but it is important, as this is indeed a period for too much drama if you fall into the trap set off by these ”bubbles”.

Again, we know it will be difficult to maneuver through these ever murkier waters, but remember that all of this murkiness is actually a sign of clearing up, and by releasing all of this old dross, you will all soon be able to perceive everything around you with a much clearer view.