We are aware that for many, this waiting will be hard to take, and for some, this waiting has been stretching out for almost all of their lives. You see, this has been a long time coming, and for those that were amongst the first to open their eyes and see through the illusion, this process has been almost unbearably long. We sympathise with you all, as we know fully well that residing in a world that feels more and more foreign to you whilst realizing that something wonderful is waiting in the wings must be frustrating to say the least, but still, we will have to ask for your patience once again.

As we have stated on so many occasions, timing is everything, and that is indeed the case here too. Nothing can be or will be rushed, and even if patience is growing more than thin in many of you, we cannot speed up this process any more than we already have. Or rather, you have, as you are the ones who have managed to adapt so fast to this increasing amount of incoming energy, to the point that we have actually gone beyond the amounts that were specified for this period. We know that this will be a small consolation to you all, as in your hearts and minds you are all well past the stage the rest of this world’s inhabitants are, and for you, the sensation of being stuck in an ever more frustrating world can be almost unbearable.

We have said it before, and we will repeat it again, that everything is unfolding according to plan, but we are also fully aware of the listlessness and irritation that is creeping into many of you. Why not get this finished once and for all, you think. This world is only getting worse by the day, atrocities abound, and no one seems to care for anyone but themselves. Be that as it may, this will unfold in increments, but as we have already stated, something is afoot that will push everything forwards in a mighty leap indeed. We know that this will be met by much scepticism, and that for you, the sensation of time is one that still holds you in a viselike grip, and therefore it seems that everything is happening at a snail’s pace at the moment.

This is very, very far from the truth, but the truth is at the moment hidden away from any clear view from you all, and therefore it certainly looks even more distant than it did only a few months ago. We know that this will sound like we are pulling the wool over your eyes and trying to fool you all into thinking that more is happening than what is reality here, but let us just explain a little bit about these proceedings.

At the moment, there is a quickening in the air, and we think you all have felt this in some sense or the other. At the same time, everything seems to be eerily quiet, so you might have a sensation of standstill one day, or maybe even regression, but the next day you might feel a heightened sense of anticipation and a rush of eagerness, like something is finally about to happen. That is easy to explain, as now there are so many movements going on hidden from view for you all, as much is being put through their final phase in preparation for the big event as it were. And no, we will not go into any details explaining just what this big event is, neither will we give you a definite timeline for the unveiling of it all, and we know that this will have you all groaning in frustration. You see, all of this cloak and dagger is done with a good intent, and it would not do any of you any good if you were to know more about any of this. In addition, this could put the whole thing in jeopardy, as there are indeed those out there literally dying to get their hands on this information in order to put a spanner in the works as it were.

You are understandably frustrated by all of this, especially since you all sense that something important is literally almost on your doorstep, and just like children before christmas, you cannot wait to see what is hiding behind that enticing wrapper, but we have to disappoint you yet again and say ”not yet” sweet ones. The wait will not be long, but it will seem to be forever to some of you, but all we can say at the moment that when that day arrives, you will all know that it was certainly worth the wait, and more so, as then everything will take on a whole new meaning, not only for you, but for all of creation. Until then, we will do our best to keep your spirits up, and we hope you do the same. Not only for yourself, but also for those around you that seems to be flagging more than you. It might seem to be too much to ask at the moment, but look closely around you and you will start to see some bright spots appearing already. Try to focus on them rather than all the dismal news you are constantly being bombarded with in the mass media, then this time of anxiously awaiting the big event will feel shorter.

And remember, even if you feel like you are in a vacuum at the moment, you are anything but inactive. You have no idea just as to how much you are all contributing to this process at the moment, but rest assured that you are all working at the best of your abilities, and you are doing even more than we could have hoped for at the outset of all of this. It might not be visible to you at all at the moment, but you will soon see how everything comes together perfectly, and then your role in all of this will finally be revealed in all of its glory. Try to dampen your frustrations and work on your patience and never let go of the trust you have in this process. You knew it would be challenging when you applied for this job, but you never knew the waiting would prove to be your biggest challenge. Just hang in there as you say, and soon all of your hopes and dreams will be proven beyond doubt to be so much more than mere illusions.

We know it is much to ask for, but we also know that you are well equipped to get through this phase also. And never forget, there are so many out there ready to give you a hand should your own morale flag too much. Just remember to ask for assistance, and you will receive it. But do not forget, the assistance may come in a very different form from what you expected, so keep your hearts and minds open at all times sweet ones. We are all in this together, and we will make sure that you get the best help you can in order to help you float through these waters, whether they seem to be dead calm or they seem to be going almost over your head. Just remember, all is well and just as it should be, even if it from your perspective might seem to look less than positive at the moment. The light is starting to get brighter, so make sure to focus in the right direction. It has never been more important that you do so, as now the illusion of darkness will seem to be more powerful than ever. Do not let that fool you sweet ones, dawn is approaching as fast as it can, and you can already see the first rays of the new sun over the horizon if you lift your eyes from the chaos on the ground.