The manuscript of survival – part 90

Today we would like to delve deeper into the feeling of separation that so many of you experience at the moment. As we said in a previous transcript, this period will probably count amongst the most challenging ones, and this feeling of being lost will be a part of the explanation. You see, by now you have all transitioned so much that you have in fact lost almost all of the connections that held you emotionally attached not only to your daily life and your surroundings, but also to almost everything else that exists. This is not an easy transition, and you do not seem to have anything firm to hold on to at the moment. It is like everything has been let go of, and you do not yet have something new to take its place.

This feeling of being in a void will only intensify as you are being  separated even more from your old moorings, and as we know that this will challenge you in many ways, we wish again to impart the advice to stay connected to someone that can help you through this part of your journey. If not, you will find it hard indeed to continue to trust yourselves and not lose faith in your tomorrows.

We wish you could see just how close you all are to finding the bliss you have been craving for so long. We know that this will be a small consolation when the bleakness of separation still prevails in these upcoming days, but please remember to remind yourselves that this is only a period you have to get trough, not a permanent fixture in your life.

We know that this will be hard to swallow at times, as you will all have a hard time finding the light inside of yourselves at intervals on this journey, and especially now when you are approaching the cusp. It is by no means an easy quest you have started on, and again, you are not called the bravest of the brave for nothing. Just remember, that even the brave need someone to share with, and only in sharing your hardship can you make this burden a little easier to endure. You are not alone, and please do not think yourselves to be any lesser if you feel the need to call for help. Quite the contrary, it only shows your real strength if you do.

You see, that is the real secret behind this strong feeling of separation. It is there to make you connect even stronger than before, as it is indeed vital that you do so. Remember, we have talked about this on several occasions earlier, as the combination of all of your different energyfields is what makes this whole process come together. You are as we said individual voices in a beautiful choir, but if you insist on standing alone and singing solo, your voice will be nowhere near as strong as if you too join in that world wide choir. Together all of your voices will drown out any white noise, but separately the force from your singing will not be as powerful as we wish it to be.

Please join the choir sweet ones, it will not only make you feel stronger, it will make you all immensely more powerful. Together, you can change your world, alone you will find your voice softly trailing away into a mere whisper. We wish you all luck in this connection process, and we know so well that along the way, you will all find some wonderful new soulmates. This too will make you hearts sing in so many ways, and then this feeling of being so lost will dissipate and be but a memory soon.

6 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 90

  1. Thanks again…dear Aisha…’what makes your Heart sing’….I so like this saying & have used it several times myself…as we awakened ones are so very few, connecting through sites like yours is ever most helpful & greatly Appreciated…so please keep moving forward with these thoughts & messages ! Sometimes we may not be able to physically connect to our soul brothers & sisters so Nature offers up a vast stream of ways to keep us connected, as our connection with Mother-Earth in the Now is truely the most powerful….when we succomb to over-whelming feelings of distress, a rejuvenating walk in the forest, or along the seaside is often a perfect remedy…or for me…the above & my gardens along with my camera. At the moment I’m quite deeply benig fascinated with divine frost creations !~
    LOve & Blessings…~

  2. I used to sing baritone in a choir years ago. It was enjoyable. Even more so now that we can sing together in the light of knowing All That Is, we are. HMM HMM. Just clearing my throat.

  3. I love your posts. They always make me feel so much better about whats going on in and around my sphere. 🙂 Thank you so much, Aisha! All smiles.

  4. Aisha, Thank you for the last few posts. I have felt myself unplugging for about the past week (after 11.11 I had to RE-plug to be able to stay sane at all) Now the disconnection and loneliness seem to be closing in all around me. I am looking forward to what is to come but sometimes, it’s true, I get lost. Today I am going to treat myself well, pray and take a bath. Hopefully, these feelings will subside and I’ll be a singer in choir once more!

  5. I am also glad that we are able to “sing” together. It takes a lot of courage just to find our own voice, and it is so wonderful to finally be a part of this choir :–)
    Love, Aisha

  6. Once more dear Constant Companions you are addressing my feelings as they are at the moment. Thank you for your love and support it is greatly appreciated. Thank you too Aisha, there are so few locations where I am able to “sing” together with like minded individuals. Love to you all.

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