The manuscript of survival – part 86

Todays missive will in many ways be like so many of the others we have given you these last months, as we always strive to give you another reason to keep going. In other words, we see these missives as important in the way that we are anxious to give you all a helping hand in this process. We are more than well aware that this cannot be easy for you, and as we have discussed on so many previous occasions, you are indeed pioneers in this work that you do.

Do not think that this mean that we have no idea as to just what you are going through, far from it. This is in all aspects a carefullly put together plan, and nothing has been left to luck or fate. In addition, you are all carefully monitored at all times, and this gives us a clear insight into just how this process is unfolding, so nothing is left to chance here.

We are aware that for many, all of these communications will fall on stony ground one time or another, as it is indeed difficult for you to keep the focus at all times, and understandably so. You are under so much pressure, and at times it can all feel to be much too much, and you lose your momentum and fall back a bit. Do not berate yourselves for this dear ones, it is very understandable and no one will criticize you for this. So if you harbour any misgivings towards yourselves whenever you fall under the weight of this responsibility you carry, please try to refrain from scolding yourselves in any way. It is only to be expected, and you do not need to fear any recriminations from us, rather, you will have our sympathy, as we see just how much you all have to struggle with at times.

Remember, you are working so hard not only for yourselves, but for all of creation, therefore all of your endeavours are more than appreciated, and you are indeed heroes to us all. Never let your own frailty be a source of admonishment against yourselves, as you are all doing exactly what is asked from you. Or rather, more than what is asked from you, as you have all more than surpassed our expectations already. Not only have you done everything according to the plan, but the plan has been adjusted several times already because you have managed to accelerate the process on your own accord. That is indeed something you need to take into consideration the next time you feel that you are standing still, or maybe even backsliding. Remember again, that nothing you do is without meaning, and nothing you do is wasted. You are constantly striving towards that final goal, and even if you yourselves at times feel that you are slipping back, nothing could be further from the truth.

Therefore, we wish to take this opportunity to implore all of you to remember to celebrate your achievements. You have come such a long way in a very short amount of time, and although to you this process will seem endless at times, it is so much closer to being completed than you could ever imagine.

We know that for some of you, these words may seem to be just another trick to lure you into pushing yourselves forwards when you already feel more than exhausted and ready to throw in the towel. Easy for us, you might say, as you do not have to go through what we are going through. And you are certainly fully in your rights in saying so, as our role is more like a spectator than a participant, but never forget that it was you yourselves who made the choice to come down to do this, the most challenging but also the most coveted job of them all. You see, you are considered as the lucky ones, as you are the ones who were picked out from the multitude of souls who volunteered for the job. So many wanted the chance to be a part of this unique experience, but you are the ones who were finally chosen. So know that even if you at times feel despondent, and think you lack the skills and the stamina to complete this mission, then know that you are the only one in the universe who thinks so. We all know that you are more than qualified for this job, and it is just your ego trying to pull the strings yet again to convince you that you are nothing more than a mere mortal, unable to achieve much in your short life on this little planet.

If you could see yourselves from our perspective, or rather, in the true light, you would never ever again doubt your abilities sweet ones. You are all gods, in the literal sense of the word, and your powers are beyond any limitation you could conceive of. But as we said, this truth had to be left at the door when you entered the domains of the human abode, and as such you need a little reminder from us at regular intervals. And we will continue to do so until the day comes when you have all rediscovered the real you, and found that ocean of unlimited energy you all carry in your hearts. That day is coming ever closer, and for some of you, the taste of the first sip from that ocean has already lingered on your lips. Soon you will be able to drink freely from this source, but until then, please remember to open your hearts and listen with discernment whenever the voice of smallness tries to make you shrink back into a small and seemingly insignificant member of the human race. You are neither, and we will all do our best to shake that misconception away from you for ever. For some, it will be easy to shut out that belittling voice, to others, it will take some time and a lot of hard work. But remember, we are at your side every step of your way, every second of your time, during your heights and your lows, and we will never ever forsake you. You are us, and we are you, and soon, we will all be together in the full light of the new dawn.


3 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 86

  1. These messages are very important for us, because even though we volunteered and were chosen for these incarnations, the dark have been hard at work keeping us in the dark(pun intended). I feel that we don’t seem to have a purpose in this endeavour, yet the light that is coming through is helping to keep me awake and aware. Events seem to exquisitely slow yet the time is moving ever more swiftley. It is a perfect time to test one’s patience.

  2. “it is so much closer to being completed than you can every imagine”. Oh I can imagine pretty close…like days or a couple of weeks…not months or years (perish the thought of months or years). From our 3D Earthbound perspective my dear Constant Companions, this is taking an eternity. We all want to return home very badly. We crave peace, love and long for our own Worlds, dimensions or Universes. BUT we must successfully complete the mission and exceed all expectations. The resounding success of the mission is paramount. Then a part of me asks, isn’t this all just a game anyway, an illusion? Isn’t our home just an illusion? Isn’t the ONLY truth, the merger with the Alll THERE IS? But then the ALL THERE IS must experience itself, IT must create… must it not? Oh this is an eternally deep “rabbit hole” my freinds, with junctures and rooms and mansions and endless corridors that lead to nowhere and everywhere…….lets just wrap this mission up very, very, very soon shall we? I long for the veil of forgetting to be lifted and all or our knowledge to be restored. I know that I know everything, but I can remember nothing, very little and what little I remember supplies my ego with fodder to question these remembrances. I am so thankfull though, in all this. I know my beloved ones that you are watching over me, over us and I am so gratefull. I thank you with all of my being for all of your love and support. Please know that these missives are vitally important and greatly appreciated. Thank you Aisha. My Love to the All That There Is.

    1. I too feel what you say…I have wrestled with this since last year comprehending the totality of creation and our rather small, yet quite significant speck of existence.

      It became obvious that to move dimensionally “higher” (faster vibration) one has to remove all identities. The easy ones are seen, out there but then that is simply in here. So then one must dig inside and examine all the thoughts and beLIEfs that populate the garden of mind.

      When picking through the weeds, perhaps the thought then crosses, who is doing this picking? 🙂 Indeed…who…

      Well then you begin to realize you aren’t even human, though you are currently in a human containment vessel. But then as you work up these dimensions you are confronted with the lack of duality and entering into unity.

      From reading the many channeled messages (though I read VERY few today, this energy Aisha is channeling is incredibly positive) I’ve developed a sense of other conscious intelligence eventually leading to a social memory complex such as RA and the law of One. So at some point all the individuals from any energy group merge on a level and you can become that dimension of consciousness.

      However then we have to keep going and at some point you begin to lose identity with that form, so you keep letting go. At some point your higher ego has to transcend it Self to become one with creation as there is simply no seperateness.

      Imagine realizing you aren’t even human or “alive” in the sense we’ve been attached to for this current cycle on incarnation…hallucinogens open up this gateway to understanding AT LEAST what you are NOT! For those not ready it can decimate psyche…for others, this is the carrot needed to go on…choose wisely.

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