The manuscript of survival – part 82

We are aware that these days might be a bit hard to swallow for many, as there are indeed some very, very intense bombardments of energy currently being beamed into your little planet.  Please rest assured that nothing is wrong even if you do not feel the effects of these, as you are all treated individually, and you are given your own doses as it were, and these will differ from person to person. You see, this whole process is really tailor made to ensure that you all reach your optimum levels of functioning, and as you are well aware, you are all put together in your own unique way. As we have said earlier, you all carry a different tune, therefore you all need the right ”tone” as it were to activate the dormant layers you all carry inside your DNA, so there is no way that can be described as a common route for you all. If it were so, the end result would be very different, because as you well know, you have all come with a specific task in mind. Therefore you need to be literally tuned to the right level in order for you to be able to perform with the right voice, to put it like that. You are indeed nothing so much as a wonderful choir, and each and every voice, although beautiful in itself, holds a very special place in this symphony that you are about to perform. You cannot be replaced by anyone else, as you are the only one that can carry the special tune that you do.

This does not mean that this whole project will fail if some of the voices decides to keep mum, far from it, but we would like to take this opportunity to remind each and every one of you that you are all special , and you cannot be compared to anyone else in the universe. We do hope this will make you feel special too, as you have every right to do so. The voice you carry is something all of creation have been waiting a very, very long time to hear, so you can imagine just how eager we are to hear the sound of your choir soar through the ethers. It will be a beautiful song for all of those willing to hear it, and it will be a song of freedom, as this is what you have come to accomplish.

Some days, this goal will feel more distant than on others, so it is important that you remember to connect with some of your fellow singers. Standing alone is near impossible, especially now when the tempo increases even more. Never before has the maxim ”strength comes in numbers” been more important to remember, and even if you sometimes feel the need to sequester yourselves from the hustle and bustle of a demanding outside world, do not forego the chance to meet up with your fellow lightworkers at any opportunity.

You know so well by now that you do not need to meet in person in order to feel the support from others out there. Luckily, these electronic meetingplaces fills an important part in connecting this world-encompassing grid, so reach out to each other there whenever you feel the need to assure yourselves that you are indeed far from alone in this at times very hostile environment. Remember, whenever you do connect, the surge of energy that accompanies you wherever you go will also reach out and touch the sourcefield of the others you encounter, and together, you will produce even more beautiful and strong currents of life giving energy that will have many beneficial effects. Not only on those participating in these get-togethers, but everything else you come into contact with later on. It is like the old adage that one and one makes more than two, and in this case, the effects are exponentially more powerful than a mere adding together of your own personal forcefields. It will be like giving birth to a whole new set of light energy that will be able to transform so much around you without you even having to make an effort to do so.

As we were saying, you are all unique individuals, and together, you make up the most astounding tapestry of light and information. In addition, this tapestry is being worked upon by many other outside forces, so it is growing in size and strength each and every day. Nothing can make this beautiful creation unravel, no matter how hard they try, and soon, it will be visible to all. No more hiding in the darkness then, as everything and everyone will be illuminated by this gossamer of silken threads stretching and weaving together not only your planet, but the whole of the universe. You are all like little spiders, busily producing your own superstrong filaments that is helping this creation to cover ever larger portions of your globe, and your work is indeed having a strong impact on those still unawares that they too are ”caught up” in this web of light.

These unwitting bystanders are those around you still insufficiently awakened to feel the pull of these threads of light, but soon they will be so enveloped in these shining garments that they have no choice but to wake up and see the beauty you surround them with. Then they too can choose to join this army of weavers, and add their own thread to this tapestry of light. Or they will have to let go of it altogether, as this beautiful weave will not and cannot trap anyone against their will. It can only hold those willing to add their light to the weave, not those only scheming to suck the light away from others. In other words, this is not a free for all, but a magic carpet only for those willing to contribute their fair share in order to keep it flying. You will not have to suffer the burden of any dead weight holding you down, so you will all be able to soar freely as soon as the warp and weft is strong enough to hold you all aloft.

One thought on “The manuscript of survival – part 82

  1. I am so grateful for this blog, Aisha and the Constant Companions, for all of the love and support given to me and other members of the ground crew. I anxiously await a more direct contact with the benevolent fleet. I wonder if this is the reason for all of the very loud, strange noises heard around the planet? (benevolent fleet operations). I send much love to all of you.

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