Let us begin this message by saying that from now on, most of you will at least feel some relief, as these previous days have been intense indeed. Especially emotionally, as your ”hard drives” to call it that, namely your minds, have been preoccupied by the goings on in the third dimension, and as such have had a hard time acessing the new levels of energy. As you well know, whenever you connect too deeply with the third dimension, your own level of energy falls below your usual one, and you will feel this decrease in vibration as a very heavy feeling of unease, distrust and maybe even fear. Let us just say that this is in no way detrimental to you, only if you let it. If you choose to let yourself get stuck in this morass of lower vibrations, you will indeed have a much harder time extracting yourself from it than if you understand that this is just a passing phase, and you will be back on ”cloud nine” again shortly. This may sound flippant to some, but let us just conclude by saying that these seemingly intense ups and downs will be a part of your daily lives for some time yet, but if you keep a close watch on your mental temperature to call it that, you will soon see that these slumps are more and more outweighted by the more buoyant days, and that the number of positively charged days will steadily increase as the days and weeks ahead pass by.

That is all we have on this subject for now, but let us just move quickly over to another one, namely that of the ever present aches and pains you feel all around in your body. We are well aware that for some, these are fast becoming more than annoying, and they are almost running out of patience as to when they will feel less burdened by these growing pains, for that is really what these pains are. Most of you are more than well informed by now as to the nature of these so-called ailments, and you are less afraid that they might in fact signal that anything is amiss in your body, but still it can be annoying to cope with the fact that you might feel full of energy and gung ho one day, and reduced to resting on your sofa most of the next day. Planning ahead is difficult, as you might never know when you are in fact able to do anything at all for a certain time period.

Well, let us just say that we cannot give you any good news on this either today, but we will keep reminding you all that this is in fact an unavoidable part of this process, and as for your physical body, it is certainly taking on the heaviest of burdens at the moment. Remember that although you in many aspects move easily from one level of vibration to the next, the fact that you are inside a physical body certainly prolongs this process considerably. But again, the very fact that you ARE in a physical body is what all of this is about, as you are here to act as actual physical anchors for all of this life-enhancing energy that is being beamed at your little planet. Remember, without you, this would never be able to proceed, so the at times rather heavy price you all pay by having to suffer through some unpleasantness concering all of your bodily functions is unavoidable.

Again, you knew as much before you volunteered to act as these live anchors, but we also know that you could not be aware of the full scope of this mission, as this process has never ever been carried out in this manner before. We will also remind you that the mere fact that you are pioneers makes you even more indispensable to all of creation, but we also know that the knowledge that you are carrying this burden on behalf of all of us does not make it any easier at times.Therefore, it is our hope that these words that we share with you and the accompanying energy in them will help you take just one step further along on that road towards completion of this task. We know we are asking for much, but we also hope that the realization that you are watched over and supported by a whole host of benevolent beings, will lighten this load somewhat.

You are the bravest of the brave, as we have reminded you on many an occasion, and especially during these challenging times, when your mind tries to tell you that all the hard work you do might be in vain. We will stand by your side at all times and give you all of the help you need to regain your faith in your strength. Remember, it is indeed unlimited, and although your body tries to tell you otherwise, it is not about to fail. You are the victorious ones in every aspect, but your egos are working so hard to convince you otherwise. Listen past it, and you will hear the shouts of joy that are coming from every direction in the universe. You are here to stay, and you are here to surrender yourselves to the knowledge that all the things you do each and every day carry a meaning far beyond the illusion of frailty you yourselves sometimes misinterpret as failure. You cannot fail, and you cannot do anything to disappoint us. The only one you can disappoint is yourself, because you are the only ones that can convince yourself that you are failing in any way. Remember, that is your ego talking, so listen to your heart, and listen well, for it will tell you clearly that you are a resounding success, no matter how hard you try not to believe in yourself.