Thank you for helping me feel small!

This may seem to be a rather contradictory title, but it is in fact something that has been made very clear to me after I started to publish The manuscript of survival. As you may already know, it came as a surprise to me that I was supposed to channel this at all, and it was certainly unexpected to get a message that I was to start to publish it only a week after receiving the first installment.

The impact the energies from these had on me was intense to say the least, so I had not given much thought to what the effects from publishing them would be. I certainly knew that they would be interesting to some and totally wrong for others, as this is the inherent nature of channelings, but I was not prepared for my own reaction after I realized that people actually read them and commented on them. Many of you also sent me personal messages telling me about how some of the words had spoken to you, and all of this has touched me deeply.

I suddenly saw so clearly how connected we all are, and I felt a strong unity with people from all over the world. It was amazing to see that people from near and far – from Australia to Finland, India to Canada – had taken the time to share their thoughts on the channelings I had posted.

A good friend recently said  “I have never felt as small as I do now, but I have never felt as powerful either”. That is so true. This process is about letting go of the grasp your ego has on you, and when you do, that insistent little voice inside of you telling you to “be something big, be someone important” just fades away too. In it´s place comes the realization that you are only a tiny little part in this magnificent creation, like a little grain of sand on a beautiful beach. You are just like a cell in a living body, and you understand that you are indeed powerful beyond any limits, because you are linked together with everything that exists.

So thank you to all of my beautiful brothers and sisters for reaching out to me! You have helped me to see that I am just a tiny speck of light, but together, we light up our whole world.

5 thoughts on “Thank you for helping me feel small!

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