The manuscript of survival – part 77

Today´s missive will be an interesting one, as it will thread the paths hitherto untrodden by many. The subject is indeed an important one, as it crosses the boundaries from your world to ours, but do not let that scare you off in any way.

As we were saying, the continuation of this saga will entail going into unknown territory for so many, and on the surface, it will literallly be looking like going into the darkness. You all know that this is in fact quite the opposite of what you are all doing, but the appearance of being swallowed by the darkness is certainly a very apt one. It will be like being hurtled into deep space, and this is in fact just what is going on right now. The portals have been opened, and you are starting to feel the suction as the atmosphere on the outside and the inside strives to adjust themselves, much like when a giant door opens and the pressure difference needs to be leveled out.

This suction feeling is not a pleasant one, and for many, it can be very scary indeed. You will feel like you are pulled headlong into something that has such a strong gravitational force, it is unescapable. But apart from the appearance, this is not a dark and empty void, this is a darkness suffused with so much light, you cannot even register it. We know we are speaking in parables here, but it impossible to give you a clear picture of this process, as it is much like being swallowed whole into one of your much talked about black holes in space, and in fact, this is just what you are about to encounter. But the difference between this process and the ones your scientists have so far described, is that this will not be a total annhiliation, far from it. It is in fact nothing but a total rebirthing process, and once you have entered this portal there is no going back. You cannot be ”unborn ” again, and remember that even if the proces itself feels more than you can bear, it is only a short transition from one stage into another, and you will emerge on the other side like a butterfly from the chrysalis. For the first time, you will be able to regain the strength you had before you came down to this third level planet, and you will literally spread your wings and take to the skies once again.

The realms of the cosmos is something much feared by many humans, as it contains such a vast amount of information they unconsciously understand is beyond theer comprehension. Or, to put it in other words, they are aware of the fact that they have been separated from this information, but they have no way of knowing as to how and when they will be connected with it once again.

Let us explain. The cosmos as you know it now its not made up of an ever-present emptiness, far from it. We are aware that this is not news to many of you, but to the populace at large, the cosmos is almost always referred to as an immense emptiness, something to be feared as it means the end of all life. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the cosmos itself is nothing but life. The problem is that for humans, it is a kind of lifeform they cannot feel at ease with, as it  is certain proof that mankind is only a small player in this enormous construction that constitutes the grid of life. For centuries, mankind has held on to their belief that they are the pinnacle of creation, and that outside the limits of your atmosphere, there cannot be any viable life. What a shock it will be when it is made abundantly clear that you are only but a tiny drop in an ocean literally brimming with life. And intelligent life at that, we do not refer to life only in the form of some sort of primitive bacteria, able to subsist in extreme conditions in isolated pockets on so-called Earth-like planets like the ones your astronomers are starting to find in their search for otherworldly places that in some ways resembles yours. No, we are talking about whole collections of very advanced civilizations, far surpassing the rather primitive set-up you hold as the most advanced ever.

It will come as a shock to all once that truth is made clear to all, and especially to your scientific community. They are even today upholding the belief that the laws of nature that you are ruled by, are the ones ruling the whole of creation. Therefore, there cannot be anything outside these narrow confines, ergo, life as you know it must be restricted to your planet. That is what we call hubris on a monumental scale, and they have something to learn as we pull aside the veils and expose their pititful limitations. Mind you, it is not limitations set up by themselves, but limitations put upon all of you by those whose interest lies in holding you confined within these narrow walls of imagination. Therefore we do not criticize them, we only want to open the eyes of those sufficiently awake to understand that these limits might be a tad bit narrower than the reality. Therefore, it is important to have some minds already opened on the day when the floodgates are opened to the max, and full realization sets in. Otherwise, there would not be any left capable of handling this kind of information, and you would be left with corps of scientists  stunned into silence by what they see. That would do you no good, as you need the capacity of a fully operational human brain in order to help you as a species to evolve beyond the narrow scopes of your present  level.

In other words, you yourselves must take dedicated steps forwards, aided by us, but still  walking forwards at your own volition. Do not expect to be lifted out of your misery without any effort on your side. This will not do, as it is indeed you yourselves who have to decide if you really want to advance, or if you prefer to stay trapped inside the old confines of mind and body.

One thought on “The manuscript of survival – part 77

  1. Wow. It is amazing to me that you used the very same words I did to describe what I was feeling. Like being sucked into a black whole, that is how I described it to my daughter. I could barely move, much less function that day. And the pulling sensation was very pronounced. Such validation! I can only say from my heart to yours – Thank You!

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