The manuscript of survival – part 76

Today´s missive might be a bit hard to swallow for many, as we would like to delve further into the abyss of space. In other words, we would like to shed some light on some of the mysteries hidden from human eyes and minds there.

For centuries, man has looked up to the sky, trying to find some kind of meaning in the  seemingly endless profusion of stars that covers the night sky. For many, this source of mystery has been taking them on long journeys in their own minds, journeys that have sometimes taken them to the edge of their sanity. That is easy to understand, as this seemingly endless ocean of night can be too much to contemplate, and the thought of mayhaps being watched by countless unseen eyes from some of these pinpricks of light has had many sitting up in their beds at night unable to go back to sleep. The unseen is almost always scary, and the unseen cosmos is even more so, as it is on such a gigantic scale it is almost impossible to wrap your brains around it.

Many have taken the easy way out so to speak, and chosen to believe that mankind is the only intelligent species inhabiting this vast cosmos, and therefore they can put aside any thought of actually being under scrutiny by others. Others amongst you have seen too many horror movies, and they are indeed just as firmly convinced that if there does exist any kind of intelligent life elsewhere, they are probably only waiting to pounce upon an unsuspecting Planet Earth, enslaving it´s inhabitants, and maybe even having them for dinner. And not as honored guests, rather as the main course. Forgive us our jests, but it is important to remember that although for some of you, the realization that you are by no means solitary inhabitants in this precious creation comes naturally, you are still in a minority on this planet, and for the rest, this simple fact would certainly make them fall even deeper into fear. Not only is their own world as they know it seemingly falling apart, you also seem have a lot of neighbours, and for them, that must be bad news.

It is by no means bad news, but it will certainly take a lot to get used to the idea of this co-habitation, so it is indeed important that you start to ponder this fact more deeply. Remember, the time is not far off when we will all be visible to more than a few selected eyes, and when we do, it is imperative that the welcome we get is not lead by those certain of a swift annhiliation from the unwelcome guests.

Remember, it is one thing to have this as an abstract idea to toy around with and to wish for, it is quite another the day you all realize that you have been sharing this planet and the cosmos with an almost immesurable number of other beings, most of them on a level of evolution that far surpasses yours. Not much of what you held for the truth can withstand this revelation, and therefore it takes a strong foundation to be able to stand on your feet when the ground is seemingly pulled from under your feet. Many will topple and fall, and they will be unable and unwilling to raise themselves up again, but for the rest, they will fall to their knees in awe and joy at the prospect of finally meeting the ones they have been longing to meet for such a long time. Again, many of you are of a very ”foreign” or rather extraterrestrial origin, and now this origin will make itself more and more heard above the din of confused human voices. You will be more than ready to regain your anscestry when that day finally arrives, but until then, it is important to start opening the doors to these innermost recesses of your heart and try to start up the conversation so to speak with those back home. This will help you in so many ways, and the answers you will start to hear in your mind will give you much needed confidence to approach the next level of awareness.

The next level of awareness entails tackling so many and for you unknown talents, that is, talents that have atrophied as a result of stepping down your level of vibration in order for you to be able to inhabit a human body. Out in space, everything is possible, but down on Earth, you have so many limitations as to what you can do and what is deemed impossible by the so-called laws of nature. Remember, these laws are in many ways self-imposed, and as you raise your level of vibration, these laws become more and more null and void, and so you can start to access these other levels even more. The learning curve will be steep for many, and with good cause, as it is indeed imperative that you learn to master yet again those skills you had to leave at the doors once you entered the earthly domains.

Remember, most of you are here with a specifc task or a defined objective, and in order for you to fulfill that, you need to be able to access this deep core that is the real you, not the outer layer of human entity that for so long has covered up your briliance. In other words, you will also be showing your true colours the day when the rest of us arrive on your shores, and then there will be no mistaking as to whom you really are.

For those safely ensconced in the belief that humanity is the single species competent enough to evolve in any way, this revelation will be almost devastating. So too for those already frightened by the propaganda into thinking that anything non human is an enemy too be feared more than anything. So as you can see, this opening up of the layers that separate us will have a very, very strong impact on your society.

Never forget that we have a whole arsenal at our disposal in order to make this transition as painless as possible, and when we say arsenal we do not refer to any kinds of weapons, far from it. Rather, it as a multitude of ways in which we can soothe the enraged and frightened minds so they will have an easier time to ingest and digest the fact that the world they know no longer will be the same. It is a peaceful way of ensuring minimum upheaval, but still there will be many who refuse to continue to live in a world they have to share with so many ”outsiders”. For them, there will be a swift and self-imposed exit from this life, and then they will have the choice of returning in a more ”advanced” and open incarnation, or they will be given the opportunity to start again in a similiar world to the one they left so abruptly.

To many, this will sound callous, but again, it is important to remind yourselves just what is going on on your planet. You are on a journey from a third density planet towards one of a much higher vibration, and those refusing to raise their levels accordingly, cannot even continue to exist here. It will be like being transported to another planet where even the atmosphere is like posion to them. Their physical body is unable to withstand the onslaughts of these high levels of vibration, and it will break down in a very short time. So too their mind, as the effects of experiencing all of this hithero unknown activity carried out by souls clearly harking from a very foreign place will be too much for them to handle.

As you can se, there are many challenges ahead when it comes to opening up to these heigthened levels of energy, awareness and co-operation. Therefore it is indeed very, very important that you start to prepare yourselves as we mentioned earlier in this script. You can do so in many ways, as you consciously go into meditation, during the dreamstate and also during your waking hours. Try to see out of the corner of your eye so to speak, and open up and allow the unseen to become visible bit by bit. This may sound difficult, but we assure you once you open your heart and mind to start these things to seep into your consciousness, they will make haste in doing so. It may come in many forms, and none of them probably quite as you expect, but allow yourselves to be surprised, and do not set any standards as to how you want this interaction to be. It will be like a small trickle at first, because you all need time to literally digest the fact that you are surrounded on all sides by so many unseen beings, all waiting to make contact with you.

At times, it might feel a bit scary, but listen closely to your heart, and you will hear very clearly if there are any reasons to be on the alert. As always, there are those out there waiting for a chance to inveigle themselves on an unsuspecting human, because not everyone are of the light. We will not delve further into this subject at the moment, we will only repeat what we have said before. You know in your heart of hearts when someone is of the light and when someone is not, and this too will become very apparent in the upcoming days and weeks. Do not be afraid dear ones, as the beings of light outnumbers these remnants of darkness still lurking in the deepest corners at a million to one, but best be prepared as they like to come unannounced and try to sneak their way in the backdoor as it were. We foresee no problems in this, as those already in the light have nothing to fear, they will probably not even be approached by these little cretaures. But if they do, they are very easy to repel. Just stay clear in your heart and let your light shine, and you will be left alone by these parasites.

So as you se, even if the cosmos is vast beyond comprehension, you have nothing to fear from the unending darkness making up your skies. It is made of light, and now that light has come to your little planet as well to stay for good. And with it comes a multitude of new friends, all eager and ready to make your acquaintance. We hope to see you soon!

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