Find your voice

Find your voice – and use it. That phrase has been going round in my mind these last few days, and after I channeled the latest part of The manuscript of survival, I can hear it even more clearly.

To me, it is obvious that we are here to do something special, and that each and every one of us have a defined “contract” to fulfill. I feel very strongly that this year is the year for opening up and starting to listen to that voice inside of you that is guiding you towards fulfilling your purpose here.

The voices differ, and rightly so, as we are all part of a magnificent choir, and it is important that we understand that we must find our own voice, not just copy those around us. What is your true voice?

For me, it was the realization that I was here in part to work as a channeler, and that it was my task to open up for these messages and making them public. It was not an easy choice, as it ran counter to so much I had done earlier in my life. But the moment I published the first installment of The manuscript of survival, I knew that everything else in my life needed to step aside as this was what I had to focus on.

For my sister, it was resigning from her job as a copywriter in order to start studying to be a massage therapist and to delve deeper into her work as a yoga teacher.

It is not always easy to follow that voice from deep inside of you, but when you do, you just know when you make the right choices. Then your hearts starts to sing, literally, and you feel swept along by a current towards something you just know will be everything you dream of.

I know that so many out there surround themselves with all kinds of “noise” to drown out that insistent voice inside of them. They know all too well that they are trying to be someone they´re not, but the fear of change is so great that they prefer to live with the consequences of an unfulfilled life. That is easy to understand, and I do not blame them. Change can hurt, but now, I think that refusal to change will hurt even more. Especially for those who know deep down inside that they have a special gift they should share with the rest of us.

It is not for nothing that The constant companions say that this journey is for the bravest of the brave. It is not easy to leave behind aspects of your old life, and for many, the changes can be drastic. I only know that once you take that leap of faith, you would never ever go back to your old way of living, no matter how hard the road ahead is. It is like you finally breathe fresh air after a long time under the water. I wish you all a safe journey towards finding and trusting your voice – I know you will sing beautifully!

I would like to share this as an inspiration to find the real you. It is the talented Norwegian singer Ane Brun doing a beautiful version of “True colors”:

One thought on “Find your voice

  1. aloha aisha! congratulations on finding ur voice and creating ur own blog site! yay im so happy! i have been waiting and following you for a long time from down under in australia. ur channellings are the only ones i now consistently follow and that has always rung 100%
    true in my heart! thankyou so much for sharing your gift and coming out another step closer to us all! i love you. kirsten. yes, you, we,us are the bravest of the brave! bravo!

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