The constant companions warned me that “you will enter the new year with a bang, and maybe also with a whimper”, and I must say they have been right. These last few weeks have been so intense, and the physical body is certainly struggling hard to keep up the pace. My bones are literally aching, especially the head, jaws, lower back, hips and ankles. Every time I consciously connect with these new energies, I get a such a strong surge through my whole system it is at times difficult to breathe through it. It helps a lot to talk to my close friends and discover that they are struggling in the same way as me, so take this as a reminder to reach out to those around you whenever you are being hit hard by the downloads coming in.

It will be interesting to see the effects these surges have on others, less “prepared” than us. I for one have already witnessed a few very unexpected and unprovoked outbursts of anger from strangers I have encountered, and I have a strong feeling that episodes like these will escalate. It is like some people are looking for an excuse to vent their pent-up anger and confusion in any way they can. As always, the best way to handle this is to try to stay from any emotional judgement and just take it for what it is, an outburst of frustration from someone who is pushed further and further out of their comfort zone by the increased levels of vibration. Or better yet, take a walk in Mother nature and avoid the urban stress altogether. In my part of the world, the days are slowly starting to grow longer. I live just outside Oslo, and if I take a 10 minute walk from my house, I can look down on the center of the city. ItΒ΄s nice to see the sunset over Oslo from the quiet of the woods!