The manuscript of survival – part 414

As many of you have already noticed, the wheels keep turning faster and faster now, and the engine of change has been put into a brand new gear. This engine of change is indeed a formidable piece of machinery, and that is because all of the components of this machine are alive. And you count as perhaps the most vital parts of this machinery, and when we say vital, we do mean that in every connotation of the word. For this living machine, this powerful creation that in turn creates the New is in fact nothing more than a conglomeration of souls, some of them inhabiting a physical body, such as yours, while others exist on the etheric plane. And together, you make up a huge and complex army of co-workers, all connected together in such a way, that no matter how hard any single one of the components tries to hold back because of fear, this cannot stop the continuation of this whole operation.

For as we have told you before, fear in itself is the single most inhibiting factor there is, and previously in the history of mankind, a small portion of fear administered at just the right time was enough to literally stop any one of you in your tracks. And so, controlling the destiny of mankind was simply a matter of chemistry. For although you associate fear with an emotion, it is in the physical sense merely a result of a whole cocktail of diverse chemicals being released into your bloodstream, and when these chemicals enter your system, they trigger all of those emotional and physical symptoms you all know so well. And we are talking about some incredibly small amounts of chemicals in the forms of hormones that can trigger such a powerful response, so no wonder this mechanism was considered to be such a foolproof weapon of deterrent for those beings set on controlling the minds and the hearts of mankind.

Remember, you have been well trained to follow your mind, and when the mind sits in the driver’s seat, the mind will always be subjected to these chemical emissions that will trigger these fight or flight mechanisms that are an intrinsic part of the crippling of mankind’s inherent power. But now, as you have managed to finally bypass this system of “mind over matter”, you have also managed to curtail the actions of all of these chemical reactions within your body. For when the heart steps back into its rightful place at the helm, the heart will always know how to handle these signals the body will be sending out at any given time. For the heart will know how to distinguish between signals that are important to heed, and to ignore all of those false alarm bells that may go off at frequent intervals. For the heart will know when someone is trying to play games with you, and so, the heart will raise above the din of voices trying to scare you back into submission with all of these numerous outbursts of “cry wolf”.

For the heart is the seat of your soul whenever you inhabit a physical body such as yours, and so, the heart will know when to take action, and when to sit back and simply let these waves of chaos wash over you. And as long as you manage to stay in your heart, your body will also learn to follow the wisdom from within and to stop falling for the same old tricks of creating havoc by creating fear. For this chemical cocktail of mental warfare that is released whenever the old instinct of fear is triggered is simply a programmed response, it is indeed one of those old “bugs” that was implanted into your system by those that needed an easy way to control you all. And what they did, was to insert a sequence of chemical reactions that could be triggered remotely by subjecting you to a vibration in the form of a specific range of frequential waves. So it is in many ways like having a radio receiver within you, one that has been set to a station where it can only receive those low frequency signals that will automatically set off the same crippling physical and emotional reactions every time. For as you all know so well, the onset of fear will cancel out any seemingly well-informed and clear minded reaction to these low-vibrational wave patterns, and so, whenever fear sets in, it usually manages to override any and all sensible and well-calculated response. For fear is like a panicked horse, taking off at full speed, not heeding which direction it runs, as long as it can simply flee blindly away from any perceived threat. For this is the fight or flight mechanism in its beautiful simplicity, it blots out anything except that overwhelming feeling of danger, and so, it disables all of your other faculties.

But not so any longer, at least, not so for all those like you who have managed to disentangle yourself from that old master, the mind, and who have let the heart step forth and relieve the mind of its former duties. For as long as the heart is once again in command of the command center, these low-frequency modulations still being sent out will fail to reach that radio within you. For you have effectively tuned away from these old stations of fear and you have been retuned in such a way, your internal radios have been set to receive only the new frequencies, those that simply carry one message, the message of love. And so, what you have chosen to receive, will help to set all of those old mechanisms back to zero. Of course, you all still carry the ability to produce these same chemicals that are used whenever your body needs to react in a swift and decisive manner, but now, the difference is that you will know what and how to respond, and you will also know when it is a false alarm, something to simply be ignored. For remember, these old stations sending out these distress signals are still very busy doing just that, and for those still choosing to tune in to these transmissions, there will be no end of triggers coming their way, and they can choose to literally drown themselves in these floods of inhibiting chemicals being released into their bloodstream.

For fear is indeed still a powerful presence in many people’ s lives, that is, if they choose to let it. While for so many others, love has taken that all-important space within them, and love is the one guiding light that will keep them going, no matter what the rest of their fellow men will think or do. For although fear can have such a devastating effect on mankind, it is no match for the power of love, and even if this may sound like the title of one of your popular tunes, it is also a verifiable fact. Remember, love is also a frequency, and it is a frequency of such an amplitude, it can override everything else. And so, when love enters, nothing else can come in and block it out. For nothing in All of creation can carry a tune that is able to affect love negatively in any way. For LOVE is the vibration that is the pinnacle of All, and anything not compatible with the frequency of love will simply just bounce off and be deflected by that shield of harmonics that the frequency of love creates within anything carrying it.

For remember, everything is energy, and love is in a category of its own when it comes to frequential signature. Because God is love, and love is the frequential signature of God. And you are all also a part of this creation, and you are all also a part of God, and so, you carry these same receptors for tuning into this frequential pattern within you from the very beginning. But as you have been put through a process of reprogramming, these receptors of love was inhibited in such a way, you became easy prey for those controllers who wanted you to answer to their calling, and so, you became retuned to favour the frequency of fear as we discussed previously. But now, those old programmings have been set to null and void, and so your station of love is once again ready and able to receive the full spectrum of programs coming from Source, and as such, you will all find yourself dancing freely to the new tunes streaming into your very being from this Source of love.

We know we speak in simple terms yet again on a subject that for many still hold the significance of life and death in a very real way, but we choose our words in this manner in order to remind you all of the joy that lies embedded within these frequencies of love. For you have spent most of your lives under the thumb of fear, and you have walked upon this Earth with a frown upon your face, heavily laden with sadness and dejection, and indeed any kind of low density emotional output you could care to name. For emotions are also energetic, and what you have been subjected to for so long, has left you dragging your feet from the heavy onslaught of emotional input and output that has been pulling you in a downward spiral, seemingly forever. But now, the hold from these old densities has been easing off, and now you are all more than able to simply shrug off the rest of them and let your spirit lift you up like a bright, shimmering balloon, all the way up to the sky. For with these brand new frequential signals of love comes a buoyancy that will lift you, body and soul, ever higher, and with it also comes the emotional equivalent of lightness, in the form of bliss, joy and a deep sense of relief. And that is why we are here to remind you that you need not carry that old weight of emotional crippling baggage with you any longer, for it is no longer yours to carry. We know we have talked about this subject again and again, but once again it bears repeating.

For you have all entered a new stage now, one that is not intended for playing out those old dramas that you have become so used to playing out, it is almost impossible for some of you not to keep it up. But this stage has been set for a very different purpose, namely for YOU to create upon. For this time, you will be the creator, you will be the director, and you will be the crew putting it all together. For now, it is up to you to set the rules, or if there are to be any at all, and this time, it is up to each and every one of you to let your heart’s desire come out to play – in every sense of the word. For you are now free to create, and you are no longer forced to listen to that same old tune of fear, and you are indeed free to let that love streaming into your being come out again through your heart, your eyes, your voice and your entire body.

For when you choose to embrace love, it is not something that becomes contained within you, it is something that simply flows through you and out into your entire world again. So use it, and relish in using it, and know that you can never run out of it. In fact, the more you let this love flow, and yes, we us the word “this” with intent, for this love is not yours, it is for all – the more you let this love flow through you, the faster this flow will increase. And the faster you learn to let go of the need to control this love, the faster the rest of this world of yours will find a way to access this love from within themselves too. For the more love you manage to transmit out into the ethers from your own open heart, the easier it becomes for those still listening in to the broadcast of fear to hear the calling from this beautiful song above the din of disinformation. And that is why we keep reminding you to simply allow the love to flow into your heart, for as soon as it enters that wonderful transmitter of yours, it can be broadcast back out again in all directions, touching the hearts of millions of others, nudging the spark that lies dormant within them, setting it alight in such a way that the connection to the old mechanism of fear becomes severed once and for all in them all.

~ by Aisha North on May 1, 2014.

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  1. Hello Ponders, just popping in here whilst I am preparing to share Spheres Of Light with 20+ more people all day tomorrow at a beautiful venue.

    Will be back in time for the Sunday gathering assuming there is one this month! See you there.

    Live, Love, Laugh… and Joy… Philip :) <3

    • Thank you Philip for giving out loud!!!!
      Zoom zoom zoom!!

    • Dear Philip! I wish you all the best for your SOL-event, I am certain it will bring much light to all taking part in it :-) I am also looking forward to conneting with you and with all the other shining souls here at the Pond during our upcoming Gathering this Sunday!
      LOVE, Aisha

  2. <3 Thought-provoking article on experiment in swapping bodies via virtual reality with intriguing results and wonderful possibilities for other uses, if anyone has inclination to read. <3

    “I SWAPPED BODIES WITH SOMEONE” (4/28/14, by Rose Eveleth)

    “…The set-up is relatively simple. Both users don an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset with a camera rigged to the top of it. The video from each camera is piped to the other person, so what you see is the exact view of your partner. If she moves her arm, you see it. If you move your arm, she sees it.

    “To get used to seeing another person’s body without actually having control of it, participants start by moving their arms and legs very slowly, so that the other can follow along. Eventually, this kind of slow, synchronised movement becomes comfortable, and participants really start to feel as though they are living in another person’s body. “It was so natural,” Wahl says, laughing, “and at the same time it was so unnatural.”

    “When Wahl swapped with her partner, Philippe Bertrand, an artist who works at the Be Another lab, they wound up stripping down to just their underwear. This is the scene that Wahl remembers when she thinks back on the experience. 'We were standing there just in underwear, and I looked down, and I saw my whole body as a man, dressed in underpants,' she says. 'That’s the picture I remember best.'

    “Intriguingly, using such technology promises to alter people’s behaviour afterwards – potentially for the better. Studies have shown that virtual reality can be effective in fighting implicit racism – the inherent bias that humans have against those who don’t look or sound like them. Researchers at the University of Barcelona gave people a questionnaire called the Implicit Association Test, which measures the strength of people’s associations between, for instance, black people and adjectives such as good, bad, athletic or clumsy. Then they asked them to control the body of a dark skinned digital avatar using virtual reality goggles, before taking the test again. This time, the participants’ implicit bias scores were lower.
    'The idea is that once you’ve “put yourself in another’s shoes” you’re less likely to think ill of them, because your brain has internalized the feeling of being that person.'

    “The creators of the Machine to Be Another hope to achieve a similar result. 'At the end of body swapping, people feel like hugging each other,' says Arthur Pointeau, a programmer with the project. 'It’s a really nice way to have this kind of experience, and to force empathy onto a person’s brain.'

    “Aside from empathy, the Be Another lab has used the technology in other situations in which swapping places might have a positive effect. They’ve allowed therapists to switch with their patients, to better understand being physically disabled, and had wheelchair users swap with dancers. And they would like to offer the machine to doctors to help treat those with eating disorders who might have distorted ideas of their own body.

    “Wahl says that she’d jump at the chance to swap bodies with someone again. “I would really, really recommend it to everyone, everyone should try this thing,” she says. “We all have different feelings and points of views about things,” says Pointeau, “and it’s really strongly related to our bodily experience. With this kind of experience we can promote empathy, but also maybe help people better understand themselves too.”

  3. This would be a blast with me and my wife. I want one of these are they sold in stores yet.

    Love and blessings to all

  4. My mind today started to understand,
    that fear put it in a prison just like me,

    We can see that those fear bugs, are setting both of us off
    & have us both fighting each other

    what to do about those fear bugs, in my blood
    one will turn them into love bugs in my blood

    one will create this with love

    we doesn’t have to out smart, these very very smart beings
    all one has to do, is send love to them,
    through the love bugs in are blood

    one likes ones new creation

    hopefully, those very very smart beings, aren’t throwing up too much
    on all love
    those love bugs
    are sending them

    isn’t it a great thing, to think of ways change things,
    without anyone getting hurt, in anyway
    & too have some funny in doing it

    my consciousness is waiting outside the doorway to my heart
    it’s been waiting they for 20 years or so

    my consciousness talks 24/7 to the ”Living Light of Love”

    & it was right under my nose, & one couldn’t see it

    my body has just started vibrating again,
    it hasn’t vibrated in a long time now
    & it was quite a strong vibration
    it’s stopped now, lasted about 30 seconds or so


  5. It’s the reptilian brain, like the innermos core of it all. Everything else is built around it. It yells our bodies were built to be slaves, easily overdriven and controlled. Interesting coincidences when you google around with the word reptilian. Myth or not? Years in passivating system and it starts to control you instead you controlling you.

  6. <3 (wave to Breezie as you travel to California Redwoods for your niece, Kimmy's, memorial service tomorrow… safe trip enveloped in LOVE) <3

  7. I caught this today…, love, light and peace to the Ponders! <3 Monica

  8. Aisha darling How are you!) haven’t been here for a while. I hope everybody’s doing well.

    • Hello brother, so good to see your shining your light again :-) I am well, and I hope you are still soaring high :-)
      LOVE, Aisha

  9. I Have a peculiar question that I’m very interested in. Did somebody here got injected with imaginal cells?

    • Dear Golden Eagle, this is an interesting question! Imaginal cells have come up before, and here is a link that explains what this is all about:
      In many ways, WE can be described as imaginal cells :-)
      LOVE, Aisha

      • Thanks Aisha! I’ll look into it

      • Aisha remember CCs talked about us being infused with imaginal cells. Do you remember what they meant by that

        • Dear Golden Eagle! I do not recall the CCs referring to imaginal cells directly, but I was guided to this film that talks about this subject, putting them into the context of the transformational process we are in the middle of now. If you look from approximately 2:44:00 until 2:51:00 you will get a great explanation, and you will understand the link between us and the imaginal cells in the caterpillar that helps to transform it into a butterfly:

          Love and light from me, Aisha

          • Thank you Aisha

          • Do u know what the film is?

            • Hi Golden Eagle! :)
              Very nice to meet you, and Thank you for raising this topic. I too have been quite intrigued by the subject of imaginal cells lately.

              According to the uploader, the movie is titled “Ancient Knowledge”.

              Love and Gratitude,

          • Thank you Aisha,
            This video looks excellent, and I do plan to watch the whole thing. So far I’ve watched the first 23 minutes and then the section from about 2:42:00 until 2:52:00 which also contains the part about imaginal cells. <3

  10. Re-posted this on Facebook today (again, as I did that two days ago), on my personal page (Alexander Del Sol), with some pretty . . . . ‘motivating’ comments, haha! This post lays out the conceptual basis for our ENTIRE MISSION on this planet, you see.

    The CC’s are trying to clue people in via digestible ‘stages’, so as to not trigger too many’s ‘emotional response mechanism’ (as Oneness put it via Rasha ;-) ). The methods that have been utilized to CONTROL HUMANITY as the SLAVES we were altered to BE many millennia ago by certain off-world ‘forces’ have been shrewd, powerful, and precise. Bummer for their remaining minions that we have finally discovered the ‘Key’ with which we can override, and eventually eliminate, those mechanisms.

  11. It was all for Go(o)d reason, folks, no ‘resentment’ is necessary or appropriate (though it DOES feel good to let off some steam once in a while, I admit, release one’s residual angst!). Why do I say this? Because now, all of us who ‘graduate’ from this MOST intense ‘finishing school’ shall be not just run-of-the-galaxy ‘masters’ of the material realms, no. We’ll be Masters of MASTERY!!! Having not only survived, but in some cases even THRIVED, in the face of all the worst shxt other equally powerful masters could invent to throw at us to keep us down, keep us oppressed and stifled as submissive, humble little servants of others, this ‘graduate school’ has produced Beings that can go ANYWHERE IN THE COSMOS and help BILLIONS of other created worlds to free themselves from the restrictions and limitations of the material realm (and astral realm) energies. And there simply ain’t gonna be ANY more powerful Beings out there who can stop us. We shall LAUGH in the face of any challenges that may arise, see them as glorious opportunities to push our SELVES even harder as we revel in the sheer JOY of pushing all our Energies to their limits — and maybe beyond them — in the service of ALL THAT IS! It’ll be fun ;-)

    • Thank you for sharing this, Waverider! Keep shining your light, I have a feeling you will also be one of those saying “again, please!!” when we finally get off this rollercoaster ;-)
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      • Hey, Elf Queen (of the) North! I knew long ago that this would not be our last gig. Far from it! This is the FIRST major Universe-critical mission of its kind actually. Once we’re done ‘here’ — not long now in that thing called ‘time’ — we shall begin our Greater Mission throughout the Cosmos. For my Self, however, I have already informed Central Casting that I shall never again be a ‘crawl-in’ (see Diana Lupi’s ‘ET 101′ book for definitions ;-) ). As re-ascended Masters, we shall have ALL incarnation options/styles/roles at our joyous, fun-filled disposal! Sort of like Maverick’s near-limitless choice of ‘assignments’ at the end of Top Gun — ‘Write your own ticket, son, you’ve earned it!’ :-)

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  13. Reblogged this on Tales from the awakened Mind and commented:
    Amazing insights, yes we are educated to follow our limited find in autopilot mode. We have to awake from this and use a better operating system for a more conscious path.

  14. Reblogged this on Lighthearted Perspectives and commented:
    Thank you, Aisha…<3

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